9 Main Cause of High Cholesterol in Healthy people

It is inevitable that high cholesterol is a serious problem for human health. How not, dangerous and deadly diseases can arise due to high cholesterol. The doctors also suggested implementing a healthy lifestyle to keep cholesterol levels in the body to remain controlled and balanced.

Unfortunately, most people only know the extent of the dangers of cholesterol in general. While knowledge to various diseases that occur because of these symptoms is very low. That is to say they do not know the exact cause of high cholesterol continues to rise. Basically the cholesterol is also needed by the body, but when the levels have excess can decrease the body's metabolism.

The good news is you do not have to go to the doctor to ask about this and pay for the consultation. You just read the article below and you get the answer.

What's cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a soft fat that can be produced naturally by the body. Besides cholesterol, can be produced from food intake consumed. Basically, the healthy human body has the maximum amount of the cholesterol levels of 200 mg/dl. You should know that the liver is the body that produces cholesterol of about 80%. The intake of dietary cholesterol by about 20% which usually can be found in some foods such as fish, meat, and others.

Actually in a state of normal cholesterol levels can have many function and benefits, such as:
1. Help making hormones
2. Assist the formation of vitamin D
3. Helps the absorption of calcium
4. Accelerate the body's metabolism
5. To help maintain the balance of salt
6. Strengthen the cell membrane
7. Help build immunity
8. Assist in the formation of brain cells
9. Help biochemical processes in the body
10. Helps digestion in the small intestine
11. Keeping the arteries
12. Helps reduce the symptoms of atherosclerosis
13. Reduce the formation of blood clots, and
14. Protect your skin from UV rays.

However, it is undeniable that in a state of high cholesterol the body will experience a variety of health problems, including:
1. Coronary heart disease
2. Stroke
3. Peripheral Vascular Disease
4. Diabetes mellitus type 2
5. High blood pressure
6. Erectile dysfunction, and
7. Indigestion.

Apart from the functions and benefits of cholesterol for your body should also be cautious of high cholesterol levels. In any case excessive levels can trigger dangerous diseases. Even if one refers to the research of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, a person with high cholesterol levels, has a two-fold risk of heart disease compared to people with normal cholesterol levels.

Therefore, important for you to know the causes cholesterol to be high. That way you can remain productive in the activity.

9 Main Cause of High Cholesterol in Healthy people

6 Dangerous Effects of Fast Food on Health that Terrible

Enjoying fast food culture has become today. How not, ease a lot to be gained from it, especially for those of you who can't cook. Even for employees or office workers fast becoming an alternative dishes they enjoy life. So do not be surprised if they often buy pizza, burgers, instant noodles, and others. Consequently, they are forgotten by fast food hazard to health.

Perhaps you have heard the newspaper notifying adverse effects that arise because of fast food. Indeed, disease does not appear immediately as you eat a fast food. However, that does not mean you ignore the danger of this type of food.

Went with low knowledge can cause you to regret. Even some people feel depressed because of her illness. So it is not uncommon to many people who can't wait and ended his life. Therefore, do not underestimate any food that enters the body. Look carefully at the content of substances contained in these foods that you can consume in an amount that does not interfere with the performance of the organs.

Dangerous Effects of Fast Food on Health that Terrible

7 Beware Causes of Sensitive Skin Suddenly you can be Shocked

One type of human skin is sensitive skin. It is not unusual that people have sensitive skin types. However, not a good thing too, if you ignore the cause of this skin type. How not, this type of skin tend to be vulnerable to changes in weather or temperature. Even more worrisome if skin allergies to cosmetics. Whereas cosmetics for women is a lifestyle that is hard left.

Unfortunately not everyone can respond to the cause of sensitive skin properly. This is evidenced by the many activities that damage the skin. Indeed, in general it does not cause skin you are seriously ill or something, but with the condition of sensitive skin make sure there is a case that you need a break.

On this there is no reason for you to go from knowledge of the causes of sensitive skin. That way you can avoid activities which allow the skin to experience health problems.

7 Beware Causes of Sensitive Skin Suddenly you can be Shocked

Causes of sensitive skin

1. The state of hormonal imbalance

In fact owned by the human hormone serves to maintain a healthy body. There is a wide variety of skin-related hormones, including thyroid hormone, testosterone, and estrogen.

Thyroid hormones affect your skin's appearance. Too much thyroid hormone can cause a smooth, warm, flushed skin and sweaty. Whereas when an under active thyroid hormone, it can lead to dry skin, coarse thickening of the skin with reduced ability to sweat.

While testosterone serves to stimulate sebum (oil) glands that produce so that the skin can be protected with natural oils.

The hormone estrogen is also the biggest cause of skin sagging. So no wonder if the sudden drop in estrogen, the skin looks thin, loose and pale.

When all three of these hormones are not balanced then the problem becomes very open skin. This is what makes your skin becomes sensitive.

2. Chemicals

The cause of the next of sensitive skin is the interaction with chemicals.

Despite a series of skin care process already practice, but the use of chemicals remains a threat. How not, the range of products made from chemicals such as perfumes, makeup, cosmetic colorants (eye shadow, eyes liner) and others not infrequently contain harmful chemicals.

Moreover phtalates materials, glycolic or salicylic acids that trigger serious skin problems.

It is undeniable that various companies have provided the claim that their products are safe for the skin and the human body. However, it would not hurt you to be careful before buying and using it to your skin.

Because the skin of the human condition is different then there is likely a reaction to the skin will also vary. In others it may be safe to use, but for those of you who have sensitive skin would have to pass serious consideration. Even if possible, please consult with a dermatologist so that potential dangerous skin diseases (including skin cancer) can be avoided.

3. Changes in climate or temperature fluctuations

Unfortunately this situation is not good for the skin health. At any rate uncontrolled interaction makes the epidermal layer of the skin is disturbed and damaged. In fact, this involves the second layer of skin effect on the overall condition of your skin.

4. Food and nutrition

Turns out the food and nutrition into the body also affects the skin. Poor diet and nutrition for the skin that are not fulfilled add clear their skin problems.

Moreover, if the daily activities of your busy exacerbating the situation. When that happens usually there are consequences to be faced by the skin. Maybe you will experience dry skin or oily.

Seeing the weather changes continued to alternate certainly makes changes in air temperature that exists. In this case, the air humidity affect the level of sebum (natural oil) on your skin. When the temperature is hot and humid, hot wind mixed with dust and bacteria, it will cause the skin surface is dirty, oily, dry and mild irritation.

Therefore, try to maintain the nutritional intake of any food you eat for the body. Ignoring this means that you are planning to make the skin loses its health. This is resulting in the skin becomes sensitive.

5. Allergies

Although consuming food and nutrient intake is strongly recommended. It does not mean you are free from skin problems, especially if you consume them in large quantities. Why?

In some cases there are certain circumstances that make the skin allergies to food. Of the many foods that trigger allergic least seafood, junk food, spicy foods most often hear. Even someone can be allergic to environmental conditions such as dust, climate or wind.

There are several symptoms that may occur because of these allergies are itching, skin redness, or red spots appear. This type of allergy is likely difficult to avoid the impact on the skin. Although there are several ways to reduce the problem of skin allergies, but nonetheless still visible changes to the skin. So as not uncommon allergic to food or drink or the circumstances become psychological burden.

6. Exposure to direct sunlight

Accidental exposure to sunlight a dilemma for health. How not, the sun basically serves to reduce blood sugar, manufacture and repair of bone, damping blood cholesterol, and increased respiratory fitness.

On the other hand, sunlight containing ultraviolet if it lasts for a long time increases the risk of skin diseases. In addition, it also results in dry skin or wrinkles, dark spots, rough spots. It could even lead to skin cancer (melanoma). Surely this is a serious problem that worried.

It's good you do not indulge in the outdoors for a long time. If it is difficult to do because of the demands of work then try to wear clothes that cover your skin from exposure to direct sunlight. This is better than your skin becomes sensitive and cause inflammation.

7. Certain diseases

Regardless of the cause sensitive skin above there are certain diseases that make the skin more sensitive. Although this is rare, but because its effects on skin health is very large then there is no harm if it is exposed.

Some disorders or skin diseases that trigger sensitive skin such as neuropathy, demyelination, defect midbrain, herpes, migraine, and fibromyalgia.

In conclusion, regardless of how many trigger skin problems does not mean you surrender on the condition. Indeed, some disruption over you can't predictions and may occur at any time. Nevertheless when you know the list of causes of sensitive skin, then I think you can reduce the risk to maintain the health of your skin.

Types of Position to Sleep in Humans Related to Health

It is inevitable that sleep is a necessity of every human being is very important for health. Not only that even the mental health in the form of psychological and emotional person can be influenced by it. When you sleep then almost all organs will break unless some vital organs. Even so these organs reduces the hard work during the night.

Unfortunately not all sleeping positions can produce a quality sleep. The problem arises due to the application of position when you sleep, affecting the body and health. This is not strange considering there sleeping position actually cause back or neck pain after waking from sleep. Even more horrible you can feel shortness of breath and fatigue due to sleep.

Regarding these conditions you should already know the sleeping position that can be done by humans. Learn the risks that can occur when applying these positions. That way you can be sure that the bed type of bed that you do actually nourish your body.

Types of Position to Sleep in Humans Related to Health

Types of Position to Sleep in Humans

1. Supine sleeping position

For those of you who have back problems or neck kind of sleeping on your back can be said to be the solution. How not state straight spine that make your body balanced. So do not be surprised if the beds have extremely effective in preventing back pain.

In addition supine sleeping position can reduce wrinkles on the face. This is because the pressure on the skin does not happen when you are asleep.

Nonetheless be a problem for those who have a habit of snoring and sleep apnea. State of the body and the face facing upwards makes the base of the tongue pressing towards the throat and respiratory tract. As a result of air flow space becomes narrower and more impact to produce a loud snoring sound.

2. Sleep Position tilted to the right

To overcome habitual snoring implement side sleeping position be the best way. This occurs because this type of position to prevent mouth open.

However, once the side sleeping position highly recommended is tilted to the right. The advantage you can get is being able to rest the left brain and the stomach work. Given the cardiac organ located in the upper body, the left side sleeping position to the right makes the heart organ does not get pressure. So the heart can work more freely and without interference.

Besides these types of sleeping positions can maintain the health of the lungs, especially the left, helps scrubbing gallbladder and pancreas. It could even stimulate defecation and increase the absorption of nutrients. So do not be surprised if this position becomes the ideal positions are recommended.

3. Position the bed tilted to the left

Although side sleeping position can reduce the risk of snoring at night, but definitely not a smart choice if you get used to sleeping in this position.

The problem comes because the position tilted towards the left tend to be not as good for health. When you apply the heart organ will receive pressure from other organs. As a result, the heart will receive the blood flow is excessive. This is what makes the heart beat faster when the best time is when the heart for the rest of your sleep.

Likewise with lung conditions. Basically, the human lung there are two that's right hand and the left. The lungs next to the smaller size of the lung to the right. When the sleeping position toward the left happens, the lungs are smaller will be depressed by the transplanted heart was heavier.

4. Stomach sleeping position

It could be said that the prone sleeping position are those that are bad for health. This reality includes a danger to the heart, so it was easy tingling nerve damage. It also interfere with the respiratory system so that you do not sleep soundly.

Even the prone sleeping position can cause headaches and neck pain is excessive. Sometimes the impact of sleep can trigger nausea.

In conclusion, the types of sleeping positions you already know. Now it's up to you to implement it. Even so sleep on his side to the right is the best. It can make your skin wrinkles. Even so you can anticipate that by choosing a soft pillow and putting hands under the cheek.

8 Danger Diseases Related to Obesity which Delivers you to the Hospital

What is your weight now?

Do you feel comfortable with the weight?

How do you carry out daily activities?

Does your family also are overweight?

Here are some questions that commonly comes to people who have excess weight.

Stout was the state's most avoided everyone. How can the state do not result in difficult to indulge completely. Moreover, if one refers to fat in the body, then obesity becomes a fertile field of various diseases.

The reality tends to reduce the fat people. This is because fat people easy to experience fatigue. So do not be surprised if obese people have a habit of sitting watching TV while eating.

Not to mention it comes to romance for fat people.

It is undeniable that obese people would have been difficult to get a spouse who has the ideal body. If anything could happen there are usually other factors that influence such as intelligence, personality, or wealth.

Long before that obesity has reduced confidence when out of the house. So the happiest thing for an obese person is in the house.

Apart from the adverse effects of weight is actually no health problems that could arise due to obesity.

8 Danger Diseases Related to Obesity which Delivers you to the Hospital

Diseases that could potentially arise due to obesity

1. Diabetes

For those of you who are overweight should be careful with the condition of the body. Basically everyone there is a possibility of diabetes. However, obese people have a risk four times greater.

Obesity tends to interfere with the production of insulin produced by the pancreas. As a result, the cells in the body absorb glucose to be not optimal.

Because insulin becomes ineffective, the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin. The problem is when the ability of the pancreas continues to decline, the risk of developing type two diabetes will be even greater.

Dr. Ngai Wah Cheung, The University of Sydney, Australia said: "Obesity as a result of overeating makes insulin does not work properly and can raise blood sugar levels in the body".

The symptoms often experienced by obese people with type 2, including

1. Easy thirst and fatigue

2. Easy to experience dizziness

3. Frequent urination, especially at night

4. The mouth feels dry

5. There was an infection of the skin, such as boils6. Vision becomes blurred7. Feeling itching and infection in the vagina or penis

Those are some symptoms that are often experienced by obese individuals with type 2.

2. Cancer

Because of the activities carried out by an obese person is very low then do not be surprised if it causes an unstable condition of the body. As a result of various diseases easily come among the most dangerous is cancer.

Cancer usually arise due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns. In this case, a lot of possibilities that may occur due to obesity cancer include:

A. Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is a malignant disease that attacks the intestine due to cancer cell growth. Development of colon cancer can be said to be difficult to realize by the sufferer. How cancer cells do not initially benign polyps and the only form (fast-growing cells) when it was still an early stage.

However, you if it has lasted for a long time, then the cell will become malignant and ultimately positive colon cancer.

The common symptoms experienced by patients with colon cancer include:
1. Constipation

2. Feeling bloated and tense

3. Discharge of blood from the anus or rectum

4. Stool sometimes becomes hard or vice versa

5. Stools out with blood and mucus

Therefore, the schedule set by your body each week to reduce weight. When you exercise it will stimulate peristalsis in the intestine so that the behavior of malignant cells in the intestine can be reduced.

B. Breast cancer

When you exercise your body will produce the hormone testosterone and endorphin. This hormone is able to scrape the fat effectively it also can suppress the hormones that accelerate the onset of cancer. Even for women an increase in testosterone can control the hormone estrogen that is very sensitive trigger cancer cells.

Symptoms of breast cancer include

1. Liquid out or bleeding nipples

2. There is a lump in the breast that did not ache

3. There was an itch and rash at around the nipple

4. There wrinkles on the skin of the breast

5. Swelling of the breast skin to thicken

6. Putting into not stand

According to a nutritionist Kathy Chapman of The Cancer Council NSW said that obesity is a major factor in the occurrence of bowel cancer and menopausal age women. So, to say that this is bad news that is worried about the elderly woman.

C. Cervical cancer

Other cancers are also dangerous for women because obesity is a cancer of the uterus. How harmless, this cancer attacks the cells that form the lining of the uterus (endometrium). Even cancer can form uterine sarcoma. This is because the muscles in the surrounding uterus is frequently attacked.

D. Gallbladder cancer

Gallbladder cancer also included malignant diseases caused by obesity. The disease is characterized by the growth of the cells of the gallbladder. The role of the gall bladder has a major role in the human body as it serves stores bile that is a fluid that helps break down and absorb fat in the body that is the result of the liver.

Symptoms that may occur:

1. Abdominal pain, usually in the upper right abdomen

2. Feeling itchy

3. Flatulence

4. Decreased appetite

5. Feeling sick when eating

6. The skin yellowing

E. Cancer of the esophagus

Esophagus cancer is the term for cancer of the esophagus. You could say this cancer is quite awful for the sufferer. How not, esophageal cancer attacks the esophageal tissue cells with a lethal tumor.

Indeed, this type of cancer of the esophagus four kinds. Even so the most common cancer in humans is carcinoma squamous cell.

At least there are a few symptoms that can be identified from these cancers among

1. There could even oddities in the throat choking when swallowing food.

2. Not quite up they are alone when ingesting the chest feels heat followed by pain as interested.

In fact, obesity can lead to other types of cancer is pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer.

3. Heart Disease

One impact is terrible for people with obesity is a deadly heart attack. This is not strange considering obese individuals tend to crash the heart pump so that the heart function decreased.

Circumstances which continue to accumulate fat and not burn can cover the blood vessels to the heart so that blood circulation becomes clogged.

At least no symptoms of heart disease as a warning, among others:

1. Pain in the gut

2. The pulse weakened

3. Feeling pain in the chest area as depressed something

4. The pain spreads to the neck to choke and to the left arm

5. Sweat easily came out quickly and many

Even in some cases those weighing over 100 kg can die of a heart attack when he has never had any complaints in the heart organ. So, for those of you overweight to be careful if you have the above symptoms.

4. Hypertension

Problems can arise because of obesity hypertension that is not soon be overcome. Consumption of foods containing fat and cholesterol and even trigger the largest increase in the risk of hypertension.

When weight is difficult lowered the heart work harder to pump blood. When the blood vessel has clogged it allows the blood pressure to rise. This is what makes the hypertension have a close relationship with the problem of obesity.

Most of the symptoms experienced by patients with hypertension:

1. Easy to feel dizziness and headache

2. Sometimes emerged bleeding (bleeding from the nose)

3. Easily tired because of the activities

4. Feeling stiff and uncomfortable

5. Moving fast heartbeat and palpitations

6. Ear buzzing

7. Vision becomes blurred

In this state, should reduce foods that contain high levels of fat and cholesterol.

5. Stroke

When blood circulation is clogged and the concomitant rise in blood pressure that can progress to a terminal illness. Not to mention the complications of high cholesterol foods that trigger the body's metabolism weakening against this dangerous disease.

In fact the chances of developing a stroke pain for sufferers of obesity is greater than in those with a proportionate body. Obesity can be said to create opportunities diseases attack the body with a frontal.

Among the symptoms of stroke:

1. Weakening of motor function in the majority side of the body so that the organs such as the hands, feet, mouth difficult to move.

2. The reduced sensory abilities so that the ability of blurred vision

3. Sometimes headaches suddenly

4. Easy nausea and vomiting due to increased pressure in the head to stimulate the receptors nausea.

6. Osteoarthritis

When overweight then exposed the greater the inflammation of joints. This is because the fat in the body forcing the bone sustain a heavier load. As a result of joint fluid can't offset the joint part because production is depleted more quickly.

When that happens, the inflammation of joints begin unbearable. So no wonder when the pain is difficult to avoid even getting sick again because of the activities that accumulate every day.

Inflammation of the joints between the cantilever body felt the most is the area of the foot, knee, back. Moreover, if obesity was categorized as severe, then the backbone will support load of up to 3-fold the risk of pain is certainly more remarkable.

The most severe impact in case of tears in the joint cartilage. Although naturally the body's systems can reduce and improve it, but if it happens constantly and spread in the body of the tear in the joints will be severe.

7. Brain Disorders

The brain is one of the most important organs for human beings and should be a serious concern.

The problem in Scientificamerican.com, Stories by My Health News Daily said that obesity is harmful to the human brain. Among them:

1. Addiction meal, obese people tend to automatically change your diet. In this case, the brains do not feel satisfied by sweet and fatty foods.

2. Change the performance of the immune system, when the risk of inflammation begins to rise then the inflammation affects the brain. Additionally volatile mood.

3. Dementia, a condition that makes the body and mind easily stressed. Even in the case of dementia due to brain size can shrink belly fat.

8. Fertility

Of all the above diseases on fertility disease becomes the most steals a woman's attention. How not, fertility is the most beautiful gift for the women so they can get pregnant.

Nevertheless due to obesity, the level of insulin and testosterone becomes higher. This is what can affect fertility in women.

Especially if they do excessive exercise, then hormones can actually unstable. When the hormone testosterone to grow slowly turns reduces the hormones estrogen.

Words surprising coming from Professor Rob Norman, Fertility Specialist, University of Adelaide, Australia that obese women also have difficulty conceiving.

In conclusion, in fact before the disease over the impact of the poor often complained of overweight. Among them, snore because of respiratory problems. Nevertheless it can be said eight of the above diseases the most dangerous and threatening the health of people with obesity. Therefore, do lifestyle and a healthy diet so that your health is maintained.

Top 9 Things that Cause Cavities which Rarely Gets Attention people

Whoever you definitely do not want conditions cavities and wish teeth white, clean and healthy. How the situation is not promising ease of chewing food. Besides keeping the mouth of odors that can annoy your friends or lover. So do not be surprised if a clean and healthy teeth are strong reasons to believe themselves.

The problem though people know the danger has cavities that would still be indifferent. If only a slight color change may still be treated. But what if the tooth has gained barrage of bacteria that make acid. Then, the infection will soon you feel because the acid is gnawing teeth. If not treated immediately, the serious tooth decay is not inevitable. If it continues, your teeth will be released.

Therefore, it does not hurt you pay attention to the sick person cavities. See what happens after they check to the dentist. That way you can take precautions after finding out the cause. It is important for the health of your teeth.

Top 9 Things that Cause Cavities which Rarely Gets Attention people

Things that cause cavities

1. Consumption of sweet foods

For those of you who like to consume sweet foods should seriously consider the condition of the teeth. In fact, the sweet food that goes into your mouth will be broken down by bacteria to become acidic. When these acids are attached to the enamel of your teeth then slowly and surely dental erosion will occur.

Perhaps you think to stay away from food candy, but you should also know that foods containing sugar are not just candy. There are still a lot of sweet foods you should avoid them sweet cakes, soda, sweet tea and others.

But if you can't avoid it then extra care of the teeth should be done because in some cases sugary foods can also lead to other diseases such as increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and blood pressure increases.

2. Consumption of acidic foods

In addition to sweet foods that cause cavities are acidic foods. Indeed, acidic foods does not directly cause the loss of your teeth. But considering this issue acidic foods actually disrupt the process of disposing of mineral teeth faster. This is what triggered dental erosion.

There are some foods that contain very high acid include carbonated drinks, fruit juice, vinegar and others. Therefore, reduce your food consumption with acidic foods.

3. Poor oral hygiene

In relation to the problem of tooth decay it is not complete if it does not involve oral hygiene. How no one cause of tooth loss is to stack the bacteria in the mouth that makes food waste becomes acidic. This acid if it continues to stick to tooth enamel it can cause erosion of the enamel.

So do not carelessly treat your mouth. The first thing you should do is brushing teeth at least two times a day. Keep toothpaste that contains fluoride because fluoride works to restore the minerals in teeth lost due to acid derived from bacterial plaque and sugar. Nevertheless it turns out most people assessing the fluoride in toothpaste is causing harm. Also, use toothpaste that is flexible and soft hair brush that can reach the entire surface of the tooth and do not cause pain.

4. Dry mouth

Dry mouth condition is a serious problem for dental health. This is apparent from the reduced production of saliva in the mouth. Basically saliva serves to prevent a layer of dry mouth, maintaining healthy teeth and mouth of caries, neutralize acids from food and beverages, destroy or prevent growth of certain fungi, canker sores and other oral diseases. However, because the production of saliva is not normal then the acid in the mouth would be difficult to control. As a result of the acid attacks the surface of the teeth and erode slowly.

The reduced production of saliva can be caused by the amount of consumption of water you drink, causing dehydration. However, there are other factors that can trigger such genes, mastication, time (production of saliva decreases when the evenings), stimulation by the senses of smell and sight. In addition, biggest factor could also come from some types of drugs such as radiation therapy and disease Sjögren's syndrome makes the secretion of saliva.

To prevent the danger of dry mouth that is not getting worse then you should consult your dentist and oral. After all, there are still dangers and diseases that could arise due to dry mouth. So, do not wait for the diseases of the mouth when you go to the doctor.

5. Smoking

A study indicates that cigarette contains 7000 different compounds that are largely toxins that are dangerous to health. Perhaps you often hear smoking causes various diseases that attack the lungs, liver, heart and fetuses of pregnant women. This is not strange considering smoke contains carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide, chromium, benzopiren, acetaldehyde and acrolein.

So not strange these substances can affect the production of saliva in the mouth Airl. Of course this is not encouraging news for the teeth. When saliva production decreases then the tooth will have a very low resistance to acids. This is what causes the teeth easily perforated.

6. Consuming alcohol

Alcohol is a drink that is not healthy. How not people who are drinking alcohol will slowly lose consciousness due to drunkenness. Besides alcohol also damages the circulatory system flowing to the brain. So do not be surprised if drinking alcohol is not recommended by health experts.

Problems with teeth can also be caused by alcohol consumption can damage tooth enamel. Whereas the tooth enamel is the outermost part which keeps the tooth dental conditions remain strong. If the tooth enamel continue undisturbed by alcohol, then the likelihood of tooth loss will be difficult to avoid.

Therefore, for those of you who like to consume alcohol to soon stop this habit. That way you do not have the risk of disease or health problem that makes you can't chew solid food.

7. Genetic or hereditary factors

Various conditions of a person's body is often closely associated with genetic factors. Some people think that genetic factors only effect the hair color, height, skin color, and others. However, it turns out genetic factors also affect dental health. How did it happen?

Maybe you've heard of the condition of sensitive teeth that make it difficult to interact with most of the food due to genetic factors could affect the condition of the tooth enamel. When finished eating acidic food type is not uncommon teeth feel a sense of pain is unbearable. Even to eat food that was not the problem could trigger a sense of pain is more severe.

If you have a condition that tends to be sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist. Maybe there are some things that should not be done because it can lead to tooth loss.

8. Age

University of Illinois conducted a study related to the saliva and the result was very surprising. How the study did not mention that the baby's saliva contains a number of bacteria that cause cavities in early childhood (ECC). So do not be surprised if the kids who likes to consume a lot of sugar candies have brittle teeth, especially the front teeth.

Fortunately, teeth in children can grow again if released. So, it's not excessively worried parents.

Nonetheless introduction on how to brush your teeth properly and regularly remains to be done in children. Tell also told them about the types of foods that trigger brittle teeth faster like, candy sugar. That way they know how to care for and keep the teeth in order to remain healthy and clean.

9. The habit of eating snacks

The habit of eating snacks people can't be banned. However, you should know that the consumption of snacks can lead to obesity. In addition, it has also become a problem in the teeth if you do not pay attention to the amount and types of food.

In order to maintain the condition of the teeth remains strong then the food becomes an important factor. The problem for those of you who like to eat snacks tend to overlook it. Regardless of the type of snacks you eat actually in it contains acid. If you frequently consume every day, then unconsciously you continue to wet the surface of the teeth with acid. If this is accompanied by the decrease in saliva production, the erosion of tooth enamel will happen.

In conclusion, regardless of your desire to have clean teeth, white, healthy and strong, but if you do not know the cause of the tooth is porous, all is not going to be easy. Therefore, recognize nine that cause cavities above. With so your teeth will be well maintained and safe from trouble.

6 Reasons Women have a Body Fat Fears

To have a body fat for most women is a disaster. Even so it turns out the women also hate designation body fat even when they are proportionate. So do not be surprised if some women could be annoyed and angry when I heard it.

The problem most people have different assumptions about women's weight. How not, the body of a woman who obviously ideal to look fat by them. So it is not uncommon for an odd assumption that many women who are having problems with itself.

6 Reasons Women have a Body Fat Fears

The reason the woman is upset and annoyed if she hears him is said fat.

1. Bullying behavior got worse when fat

Nowadays bullying did not know the age or social status. In fact, they did not care about anymore. If the atmosphere alone may still be refrained because no one else is watching it, but what if your bullying behavior to occur when many people? This is what makes some people afraid bullied.

That situation could apply to anyone. But the terrible thing could apply to women who are overweight. Overweight women can make a weapon that pierced bullied by heart and feeling. So do not be surprised if the women are afraid to have body fat.

2. The assumption that after the fat is difficult to lose weight

When talking about overcoming weight then that comes to mind the women are on a diet. With their diets hoping to lose weight and gain weight.

The problem women often choose how fast diet to reduce food intake. Though the food consumed nutrients are needed by the body. This is what makes the diet program does not run smoothly. How to succeed if after a few days on a diet of food must be checked to the doctor because of the nutrients the body needs are not met.

With this situation, so assuming the weight loss was difficult to be realized by the women. Not to mention if you like the snacks it can be said obtaining ideal body weight is a mere dream.

3. Myth find a mate for obese women hard

In fact the majority of men prefer women with a slim body because with it they'd seen the woman in a perfect state. Therefore, women should be extra attention to the weight it has. With so women wish that men would feel amazed and excited when they see it.

Unfortunately this does happen it will be difficult for women who have excess weight. Although there remains a man who likely would marry her. But it is undeniable that the hopes of getting boys dream just a dream. Yet, when a woman can't have a partner with a man she loved so her feelings will be destroyed. So the body fat into the most frightening specter for women.

4. Difficulties find size clothes

One hobby lady is going to the mall for shopping and one of the goal is to look for a new outfit. They can go to the mall every weekend.

The problem is not all good clothes size dress or skirt is available in the mall. What if it happens when you have found a nice underwear model. Even if you want to buy, but if the body does not fit how?

Find clothes that others may not be suitable. In this state, the last resort is to order the appropriate body size. Imagine how complicated the search for clothing sizes for women fat? Therefore, deserve the women do not like the body fat.

5. Reduce romance couples

One of the joys of women are able to be picked up by her boyfriend. How not to be picked up women will feel pampered and taken seriously. For this course you need to have an ideal body weight so that your lover is not exhausted because if exhausted men do not have time to think romantic. If you are overweight, then your lover will think two times before taking steps to carry you.

6. Most of the work refused fat woman

Now these jobs for women booming kept open while jobs for men wane. This is not strange considering famous women more meticulous in his work and more fun while communicating.

Of course this will not apply to obese women. Even some employees refuse work obese women. Besides hard to indulge obese women also tend to be lazy. Therefore, hardly any secretarial job weight women is not ideal. Even to become a model weight is calculated. This is what causes women to feel pessimistic even though they have the intelligence.

In conclusion, there is no prohibition to overweight. But certainly it was not the desire of every woman. Therefore, I can understand why women are afraid if overweight (obesity).