16 Bad Habits Incidence Causes Acne in Skin

Have you ever thought, why acne can arise? Maybe yes, maybe not because, most people can only hate and blame acne. They do not want to know the reason they can develop acne. Yet, in my opinion, it is important for us to know what are the things that cause acne. Why do I say important? Because, by knowing the cause at least we'll know what we must avoid in order to avoid acne. In other words, know the factors that cause the appearance of acne is a form of primary prevention against acne, right?

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Bad Habits Incidence Causes Acne in Skin

1. The use of tools Cosmetics May Cause Irritation

Acne can arise from the use of equipment make-up / cosmetics. Cosmetics can cause irritation to the skin because it contains some chemicals that are not necessarily suitable for all skin types, such materials are usually contained in cosmetic sunscreen or sunscreen:

• Lanolin, is another name for oil that is good for the skin, but not all skin types. The material is not suitable for oily skin, especially skin that has acne because, it can aggravate acne in your skin.

• Petroleum is a type of oil that is a type of oil that actually should not be used for oily skin and acne.

• Isopropyl myristate is a chemical that can make your skin become oily, or more precisely, reducing excess oil production, But, unfortunately, these substances will make the pores clogged and cause irritation to the skin

• Cosmetic products that contain perfumes | Cosmetic products that contain artificial fragrances will usually cause irritation to the skin, so it will cause blackheads that eventually becomes acne.

2. Too Often Face Wash

Wash the skin is good, but if too frequent, can also be harmful to the skin, Because, it will only make oil gland production / sebum in the skin cells increased. Therefore, you simply wash your skin twice a day, in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

3. Too Often Touching Skin

When your hands touch the skin of the face, maybe at that moment your hands are not in a clean state. The result can be a medium for the spread of germs / bacteria that can cause acne. Therefore, before you hand touches the skin, first make sure that your hands are completely clean. Moreover, if in the face you already have acne, if you touch the acne, pimples will likely spread to other facial skin surface.

4. Experiencing stress

One cause of acne is due to the levels of stress hormones in the body of excess. When stressed, the production of stress hormones in the body will be increased so that it can trigger acne. Thus, it is important for you to avoid things that may be a cause of stress.

5. Lazy cleans sweat

One of the bad habits that can lead to acne is because you're too lazy to clean the sweat, and left them in a long time even to get carried away bed. While in sweat, contained bacteria that can cause skin irritation. So, I suggest, do not ever let sweat lingering sticking in your skin, wash off immediately so you avoid the acne.

6. Lazy shampooing

Lazy shampooing can cause acne! Especially if you have the scalp of excess oil. The oil will flow to the face and then mixed with dust, dirt or bacteria, which eventually causes blockage of the pores of your skin so appear acne.

7. Lacks of Sleep

For those of you who used to sleep too late, you should avoid. When someone less sleep, then it will be susceptible to stress. In addition, sleep too late can also aggravate existing acne because, at the moment the lack of rest, the body will produce more insulin, so that acne can be formed more easily. Therefore, optimizing your sleep time because, when you are asleep, the skin will regenerate the skin cells are damaged, so that the skin condition under control.

8. Lazy Changing Clothes Equipment and Supplies Sleep

Clothes, pillowcases, Sprai, towels, you should wash or replaced regularly. However, dirty equipment also contains a lot of bacteria and dead skin cells that if we use it continuously will cause skin disease, one of which is acne.

9. Facial skin dry out carelessly

Kurit drain the excess it can make your skin become irritated. So that the skin will produce a lot of oil in sufficient quantities for the purpose of stabilizing the condition of skin from dry skin.

10. Using Hair Products

Using products such as hair oil, also can cause acne because, in typically hair products you use contain oil, silicone, and plasticize that can clog the pores of the hair when in contact with your skin. However, if you choose a haircut bangs, you should not use hair products that use ingredients that have been mentioned earlier.

11. Forget Skin Cleaning Day at night

People who are affected by acne are usually those who are often lazy to wash your face. Many women who move with always the routine use of cosmetics such as make-up. Ignoring the cleanliness of the skin, one of them by forgetting to clean the skin at night. So that the remnants of make-up before it can clog pores and hamper the skin rejuvenation process.

12. Using Tight Clothes

Every 40 minutes, humans lose about one million dead skin cells. Well, when you use a super tight clothes, as a result of dead skin cells will not be wasted completely, it will pile up and mixed back in with dirt and oil, which in turn can cause acne.

13. Uncontrolled diet

Consuming foods that can cause blood sugar levels in the body increases (e.g., sugar, fried foods and others.). It can even damage the body can also cause acne. Even so if you eat it only occasionally, not dangerous.

14. Smoking

A study conducted at The San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome, identifying non-inflammatory acne appears among smokers. The researchers also found that smokers with acne in adolescence, are four times more likely to develop acne in adulthood compared to non-smokers. So if you want to avoid acne, you should refrain from smoking.

15. Use of Make-up is Dirty

For women already know that the cosmetics we certainly know the name brush, sponge powder, etc. We should also pay attention to the cleanliness of these tools, do not let us use a make-up brush / sponge powder is dirty because it can cause acne. Not pretty, even appearing pimples.

16. Bask in that Sunlight in Long Enough Time

Bask in the sun or commonly known as tanning, it is well done because it has Sinal ultra violet (UV), which act as anti-bacterial. However, if done in a long time, can also cause skin affected by drought, resulting in the skin will produce oil in significant amounts. Besides can cause acne, tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Now that we know what are the things that can trigger acne, we will be able to find a solution to get rid of acne. How to? Yes of course to avoid all things that can be the cause of acne. Well, that's some bad habits that cause acne are unknowingly, we do continuously. Bottom line, if we are intending to avoid interference / skin diseases, we must be good skin hygiene. Perhaps only that I can share, less and more will beg forgiveness. Hopefully what I write will be useful

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