5 Facts About Teeth You Should Know

Having healthy teeth and strong is the target when brushing your teeth. On the other, hand cleans the teeth also aims to make the teeth become cleaner and more white. So do not be surprised if the dental treatment can be done in several ways.

Even so did you know that in addition to sweets, a lot of things that can cause your teeth broken! Try to identify some facts about teeth that you may never know.

5 Facts about teeth you should know

1. Food acids damage the teeth

Correct. In addition to sweet foods, acidic foods it can damage your teeth. Sour candy, soft drinks, can make your teeth enamel erosion! Robyn Loewen, DDS, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, stated, if you want to eat foods that have a high acid properties, consume along with other foods. Then, brush your teeth regularly with baking soda that has been proven to neutralize the acid in your mouth so that it can reduce the bacteria that cause caries acid lovers.

2. Enamel, the hardest substance in the body, but easily broken

Ice, popcorn seeds, as well as the tongue and lip piercing are some things that can damage your teeth. Unlike skin, your teeth cannot grow back. When you eat the popcorn kernel, is just like eating "stone" and will be a combination of two things that are very hard. Popcorn seeds and your teeth will collide each other, which can cause damage to the teeth.

A research study in 2007 published in the American Journal of Dentistry states, 14 percent to 41 percent of individuals who have a piercing in the mouth and surrounding area were damaged teeth. Observations show that changes the shape of the teeth are significant and can lead to tooth loss.

3. You can lose teeth at any age

Some particular individuals is born with teeth that are not perfect. Which is often not the same in every person is the last wisdom tooth growing. However, often the cause of losing your teeth is gum disease and caries.

4. Most fluoride can be bad

Indeed, we know that fluoride is very important that your teeth healthy. However, in children aged under eight years old, due to excessive fluoride dentifrice ingested in large quantities will cause a condition called fluorosis. Generally, fluorosis begins with the condition that looks like a white dot and finally become brown.

To make sure children do not swallow toothpaste, assist them when brushing your teeth and tell that the pasta is quite applicable for soybeans to the toothbrush so that when ingested, toothpaste that enters the body is not too much. Most cases of fluorosis occurs because toothpaste is swallowed in large quantities. It is advisable that the children were given free fluoride toothpaste until they understand that your rinse, toothpaste should be discarded and not ingested.

5. Braces can be caused cavities

Brush your teeth properly if you want gear that is being trimmed to grow into a healthy tooth. Therefore, food, bacteria and acids can be stuck around braces can cause you and your enamel is eroded, it is stated by Raymond George Sr., DMD, president of the American Association of Orthodentists.

Caries can be started from a bracket that is around braces. Despite the damage it does to be a hole, it could lead to "demineralization" so that there will be a white spot on your teeth (if there is a cavity in your teeth, then they may become darker in color).

Actually, the tongue is the most natural cleanser. When someone braces, they tend to stop tongues that swept the teeth due to discomfort arising due to collide with a metal, it can lead to a pile of dirt in your teeth.

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