7 Dangers of Eating Spicy Food for Health

Of the various types of delicious food of course there are some people who like spicy food. An incredible sensation of having someone willing to eat these foods until the sweat and red lips. Even willing the tears come out for the sake of enjoying the spicy food.

Indeed, the chili has many benefit such as play a role in lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol and stimulates the production of mucosal cells in the digestive system. Besides controlling blood pressure and heart rate. A study sets spicy foods can speed up metabolism and help the body burn calories faster.

Even so you better not excessively spicy foods. There are several dangers to the health of spicy foods you should know. So, you will think twice to continue the habit of eating spicy food.

7 Dangers of Eating Spicy Food for Health

Spicy food hazards to health

1. Acute Gastritis

Do you often eat spicy food? You should be careful with it. Too much eating eating spicy food can cause acute ulcer disease of the stomach or called by gastristis. These symptoms cause nausea, vomiting, flatulence accompanied by diarrhea.

2. Gastric

The content in the food spicy let's make stomach acid to rise. If stomach acid is rising in large quantities and is not controlled it will irritate the stomach wall. So that damage to the stomach wall can't be avoided anymore. Do you want to treat stomach like this?

3. Insomnia

Hope you sleep well at night and refreshed in the morning? We recommend that you avoid eating too much spicy food. People who frequently eat spicy food can be affected by insomnia or trouble sleeping at night. To satisfy the spicy thrill you are willing to sacrifice a moment like that?

4. Heartburn

If your stomach is not strong against the negative impact of chili, you should be succumb. Spicy outstanding can directly cause a person to feel heartburn. Even to the rectum during bowel movement, can burn great.

5. Skinny Body

I mentioned above that spicy foods can burn calories faster. Even so not a good thing if you choose this way to diet. Maybe in a short time you feel the benefits, but actually your weight down improperly. So even though your body is a little skinny. But, your skinny shape disproportionate. Therefore, avoid eating spicy foods because it is dangerous for the health of your body.

6. Headaches

While you really want to eat spicy food you should not eat on an empty stomach. Eating spicy food when your stomach is empty will cause a headache attack from the impact of gastritis.

7. Appetite

Excessive eating spicy food will make you lose your appetite. Whereas low appetite can cause the body's nutritional needs are not fulfilled properly because of lacks food. So, for the good of the body try to reduce the spicy taste of food so that your body stay healthy.

In conclusion, I realize that some people are like spicy food because of taste sensations are obtained. In addition, there are several benefits of a chili. However, you still must pay attention to the dangers of eating spicy food so the body's health can be maintained.

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