9 Danger Stress on Health you have to Fear

The various types of busy work or busy to learn not uncommon stressful mind. How not to the demands of work or study were too old to make the brain to think harder and drained. In fact, when the brain is depressed can raise stress.

Stress is what can interfere with your body's health. Health experts are often advocate that maintain health by avoiding stress.

The problem is not everyone understands the dangers of stress. Consequently, they suffer a number of complaints against their bodies. If it is still in the mild stage may still be overcome. But, what if the impact on the body is already too late. Of course it took a long time for the healing process. Therefore, do not underestimate the danger of stress on your body's health. Ignoring knowledge of this matter could lead to disappointment that ended in sorrow.

9 Danger Stress on Health you have to Fear

Danger of stress on health body

1. Can reduce stress memory

Beware of the danger of stress for your brain memory. The increase in glucocorticoid levels as a result of prolonged stress will affect the weakening of your memory. This occurs because the nerve endings that older feel the difficulties associated with brain cells are still new.

In addition, stress is often the case would further complicate the brain sends its information or feedback, so it is not uncommon in the short-term memory loss is a side-effect. And that's worse than the dangers of stress is that it can cause dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the human brain. Of course you do not want to go through this, right?

2. Triggering weight gain

When a person is under stress then allow the release of the hormone cortisol. This hormone affects the metabolic rate of the body that will ultimately lead to weight gain. Stress often triggers appetite excessive portions with different types of foods that are high in calories for the sake of comfort. If you already like it, then a matter of time your weight increases several kilograms.

3. Insomnia

People who are too often stress impact sleeplessness (insomnia). Insomnia is not just the symptoms of sleeplessness, however, because he was still able to sleep though briefly, but keep in mind that the quality of sleep is not restful.

Insomnia (sleeplessness and sleep soundly) These effects can make the body becomes tired and less fresh. Power of concentration and the ability to think too affected. Even if the stress level is already alarming, then it is likely to be small because sleeping is a burden heavy thoughts trigger anxiety and excessive fear.

4. Stress triggers aging and acne

Do not let yourself easily stressed due to many mind. Stressful conditions it can trigger premature skin aging. Moreover, it is not only experienced by adults and even teenagers with school load (like a repeat, school exams) and problem-parent households at home.

This could occur because stressing can cause damage to cells of their body faster, ranging from weak eyesight, gray hair, until the skin wrinkles. Far from the stress of increasing the supply of adrenaline in the blood thereby increasing levels of cortisol that is released by the body. As a result, disrupt the balance of hormones. Excessive adrenaline reduce the capacity of absorbing nutrients and then attack the largest organ is the skin. If this continues, then please meet with acne prone skin.

5. Stress causes brain shrinkage

Stress conditions that occur will cause the composition of the brain that is torn, thus making the hippocampus region of the brain shrinkage. For people under stress tend to be difficult to control emotions. Such conditions are more commonly seen in victims of trauma or violence. Shrinkage of the brain can cause a person difficulty remembering things and difficulty concentrating. It is also disturbing motor skills and make a person difficult to plan anything.

6. Stress can increase the risk of heart disease

The next impact of stress is the trigger for heart disease. The heart is a vital organ in our body, which is in charge of pumping blood and distribute it throughout the body.

When a person experiences stress, the blood pressure is high, thus forcing the heart to work harder with heavier weights.

If the situation occurs continuously for long periods of time, there will be damaged to the heart, even more danger again was able to experience sudden cardiac arrest or death.

7. Frequent headaches

Almost everyone has felt the headache. There are many factors that cause a person to experience a headache, one because of stress.

However, there are different reactions caused headaches due to stress. Generally the stress headaches accompanied by a stiff neck. This occurs because of stress reaction will stimulate the heart to contract becomes harder and raise blood pressure.

8. Stress can trigger mental illness

Weighing mind pressures experienced by people with stress cause serious problems for the brain. The longer and often people are easily stressed then their mental state will decrease drastically and excessive depression. When the nerve cells in the brain are not normal or damaged then the worst result of the stress is simply psychiatric disease (mad). So do not be surprised if there are people who used to be rich in a moment ago when his business failed within a few days become a madman.

9. Stress triggers hair loss

Who likes to hair loss?
Of course as a normal human being does not want the hair to fall unnaturally.
So what causes hair loss due to stress?

In the mild stress of hair can fall out because the hair enters a resting phase or phases before the hair loss naturally. As in the case of severe stress hair loss due to white blood cells attack the hair follicles so that hair follicles become dead.

In conclusion, although there was a variety of stress for health hazards. But, that does not mean you stop from daily activities such as studying or working. The best way is that you set the time, diet and exercise so that the danger of stress can be minimized and even avoided.

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