This is the 8 Habits that Ruin your Dental Health

If you ask the teething problems of course everyone will choose healthy teeth. How not with good teeth all activities with others feel comfortable. Especially if you have breath fragrant they definitely add pleased with your presence.

Having healthy teeth is not destiny, but a smart choice. Unfortunately, not everyone always pay attention to dental health. So it is not rare that they do the bad habits that would damage dental health. As a result they end up with regrets ranging from yellow teeth, gums bleed easily even the most fatal teeth will be porous and shooting pain when eating solid foods.

It is, therefore, important for you to know the bad habits that damage healthy teeth. That way you can be more vigilant in treating teeth and gums.

This is the 8 Habits that Ruin your Dental Health

Bad habits that damage healthy teeth

1. Smoking

For this one habit you had better think clearly if you want to do it. Indeed, some people who like the smoking habit. However, try to pay attention to their dental health. Check and note the negative impact on the smoker to teeth and gums.

In fact in one cigarette contains a variety of harmful substances terrible. Experts also often advise that smoking can cause lung disease, brain, pregnancy and heart. But, on the other hand, you also have to know that people who used to smoke usually have darker colored gums. The color is more yellow teeth. Of course this is not a good thing if you want a relationship with someone.

2. Opening something with teeth

In some cases the teeth are often used to open something like a bottle cap bottled drinks tend to be dangerous. That's because the teeth are forced to work to the maximum so as to enable the teeth shake. As a result, the teeth often experience considerable pains.

If you open the lid and the condition of the teeth are brittle, it can cause pain. And to make teeth strong and healthy can't be obtained in a short time. Therefore, do not force open something with teeth. Better you use other media as a solution. Remember, the bad habits of the teeth can make you are disappointed.

3. Bites nails

Although this habit is often done by children's age 5-10 years. But, do not rule out also by adults.

The problem is that habits can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) and tooth decay. The front teeth are very prone to be broken, cracked or worn because nail biting. Besides biting nails also causes tooth root to be short (root resorption), which if continued could lead to tooth loss. Another danger of it all is that it can cut the gums and allow bacteria into the wound.

4. Consumption of excessive sugar

Maybe you've heard that eating too much sugar can cause toothaches and cavities? The reality is like that.

Excessive sugar consumption can damage your teeth. This happens because you consume sugar, but do not pay attention to oral hygiene and dental. As a result, the remnants of the sugars on the teeth can cause tartar, which is certainly very disturbing the comfort of your mouth. Another negative impact of excessive sugar consumption is enabling easy dental cavities.

If this happens to you how? Therefore, note the amount of sugar consumption in your day and continue to pay attention to your dental hygiene so that such problems do not happen to you.

5. Drinking soda

If you like to consume drinks containing soda so be careful. Basically, soft drinks contain an acid solution. Therefore, it is advisable to use a straw so as acid solution in soda is not in direct contact with the teeth. Despite that does not guarantee that you avoid these substances because people who drink soft drinks tend to want to feel the sensation.

Apart from this you should know that the acid in soda is strong enough weeks to dissolve teeth and bones. This is not surprising given soda is a beverage fermented to produce gas.

Carbonated drinks have no nutritional value (in terms of vitamins and minerals). They have a higher sugar content, more acidic, and additives such as preservatives and dye. Therefore, it is better you consume other beverages are better as milk or water.

6. Eat candy

Actually, the influence of sweets to tooth decay depends on your habits in maintaining oral hygiene. Especially problems brushing teeth, how to clean teeth and how often you eat candy. If you often eat sweets, but remain diligent about brushing teeth then no problem. But, if you just often eat sweets and less attention to dental hygiene then this is the problem.

However, eating sweets is not the same as eating other foods. When eating sweets you should suck it up. As a result, your teeth bathed in sugars. Because of easily digestible sugars, the bacteria can multiply rapidly. These bacteria can be a factor in a variety of dental problems include erosion of enamel, gum disease and tooth decay.

7. Chewing ice cubes

Tooth decay appears to be a direct effect of the habit of chewing ice cubes. A study says, someone who has a habit of chewing ice has a low hemoglobin level.

Despite that turns ice can erode tooth enamel, according to Dr. Igal Elyassi, cosmetic dental expert and owner of Wilshire Smile Studio Dental Group in Los Angeles. According to Dr. Igal Elyassi, the damage was due to the activity of teeth in an effort to solve a hard substance in a long time. This gives the same effect as the custom of the gnashing of teeth during sleeping. As a result, the affected tooth can become shorter. Or, when you chew ice in large quantities, all your teeth can fall out.

8. Brushing too hard

Some people think that brushing with a loud and powerful can make teeth clean and white. Although it may be invisible damage. But, brushing habits is actually a negative impact on the health of teeth and gums.

Brushing your teeth too hard can increase tooth sensitivity, but naturally increased tooth sensitivity will be followed by thinning enamel layer due to age, as quoted from the Periclean, Saturday (07/09/2013).

Do you know what happens if increased tooth sensitivity is not normal? Teeth are increasingly sensitive when exposed drinks that are too hot or cold will bring pain or sciatica.

In conclusion, maintaining hygiene and dental health properly and on a form of your serious attention to the teeth. Therefore, do not do bad habits that actually causes decreased dental health or decay. Better you reduce your desire of the right to regret later.

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