4 Reasons You Should Brushing Teeth before Sleeping Tonight

Brushing teeth before bedtime is a good time to keep clean and healthy teeth at night. How not at night you will sleep in a long time. Therefore, sleep in a state of teeth clean and protected is a smart way to keep your teeth a favor.

Despite this reality is not everyone noticed the habit of brushing your teeth before bed. In fact, they assume that brushing your teeth at that time was just a waste of time. This happens because they already feel tired working so there was no time for it.

Yet by ignoring the good habits that can adversely affect hygiene and dental health. Not only is it the longer it lasts, the risk of a toothache is imminent. Do you want to experience it?

Reflecting on these things at least there is some good that makes brushing your teeth before going to bed is very important. Thus, you have no reason to make work and business as a barrier this habit.

4 Reasons You Should Brushing Teeth before Sleeping Tonight

4 Reasons you should Brushing Teeth before Sleeping Tonight

1. Brushing the teeth at the time of afternoon showers is not enough

One of the customs of the shower is to choose the mornings and afternoons. At that time of course brushing your teeth is also included in it. Some doctors did advocate for brushing teeth at least two times a day. So do not be surprised if some people just suffice brushing your teeth in the bath.

In fact, if observed more in brushing the teeth at that time was still not enough to keep clean and healthy teeth, why?

After an afternoon shower you certainly do not go straight to bed, but still do other activities such as talking, reading, or just quietly watching TV. In this course the bacteria in the mouth can breed over several hours. Especially if you drink in the evening, then bacteria such as getting an excuse to attack your teeth more violent. Therefore, you should never avoid brushing your teeth before going to bed.

2. Eating habits at night

Frankly after the evening bath still do dinner. So that the condition of the mouth is not clean anymore. If you just be content to rinse his mouth and, then bed then definitely bacteria in the mouth will not clean completely.

Therefore, you should brush his teeth once again before bedtime to prevent the risk of a toothache. That way you do not set up a special fee to go to the dentist for teeth pulled.

3. Bacteria vandal more active gear

The fact of destruction of bacteria will be more active teeth when the mouth is you do not do the activity. Not without reason this happens because basically when you're sleeping at night, then the condition will lack the mouth of saliva production. Saliva or saliva also has an important role in preventing tooth decay.

Contained in their saliva contains lysozyme and lactoferin that can kill bacteria. Besides saliva can neutralize acids in the mouth. In addition, calcium and phosphate can prevent the erosion of tooth enamel. Within 24 hours an average of our mouths salivate about 500-600mL, but when we sleep (8 hours) just 10ml of saliva produced.

If you sleep in a state of the teeth are not clean and the food still leaves the bacteria to use leftovers and turn it into acid more easily. The acid can dissolve tooth enamel so easily perforated risk is the result. Therefore, do not want to take risks that would not be you like.

4. Reducing bad breath in the morning

Can't be denied that when you get up from bed in the morning, the smell will come out of the mouth. This is not strange considering because you already consume a varied diet in the stomach. In this state, the smell in the stomach will pass through the esophagus slightly evaporated and then into the mouth. So do not be surprised if you experience frequent bad breath in the morning. If it is mixed with the remnants of food in the mouth, the odor can be overpowering.

It is, therefore, important for you to brush your teeth before bed. It is intended that bad breath can be reduced. Yet, I can't guarantee that by brushing your teeth before bed can make you wake up with fresh breath and fragrant. In any case your condition different from the situation when you were little. So, brushing teeth before bed is a smart move reduce poorly breath in the morning.

In conclusion, although brushing your teeth before bed is an easy thing to do, but in fact a lot of people who just started after some toothache. If you want your teeth clean, healthy and strong then do not wait tooth pain was coming, but try not to take the risk of cavities

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