7 Do not Sleep Stomach for Health Hazards

Sleep is an activity that is needed by the body. How not to your daytime activities ranging from study or work to make the body becomes exhausted. So no wonder that night become the fatigue relieving drugs. Especially if you sleep in a good way and quality. Then, the next day you can work smoothly and vigorously.

Unfortunately not everyone has done a quality sleep at night. One reason is the prone sleeping position. Some people think that sleep position does not matter as long as time remains adequate sleep well.

Whereas in the majority of cases a person who often slept in the prone position are likely to have declining health. This happens because the position requires one organ to work too hard and even tend to be difficult. It's therefore not surprising that they often complain of pain in various parts of the body. Even sometimes some of them experience pain troublesome for the activity.

7 Do not Sleep Stomach for Health Hazards

Danger sleeping on his stomach for health

1. Endangering heart

Indeed, every choice there are consequences sleeping position, but if you want to take the prone sleeping position as an option? Better not! Impact!

If you often sleep in the prone position, it can cause chest tightness. Not without reason I say this. In fact, sleeping on his stomach requires the heart to work harder. How not to get a heart that should move enough space to pump blood to be crushed by the weight of your body. So no wonder that the rhythm of the heartbeat will be halting. Try to pay attention to whether an irregular heart rhythm or not. This is important considering most dangerous disease sometimes starts from trivial.

2. Neck pain

Have you ever felt a pain in the neck after waking up?

You can't get a good night sleep, right?

That's a normal thing if you choose the prone sleeping position.

For those of you who often sleep on his stomach soon change this bad habit in a way that is good and true sleep. Just imagine when you sleep on his stomach then requires that the position of head tilted to the side, either to the right or to the left.

You need to note that the head is tilted like that in a long time can cause a strain on the nerves around the back of the neck. Especially if you use the pillows were harder then, the nerves will be strained. As a result, the neck will be in pain even when you just got up.

3. Damaging the nerve center

I mentioned above that when you sleep on his stomach, the nerves will be strained. In these circumstances it will have an impact on the existing central nervous tampered. This happens because when one nerve tense then the nerve center not be optimal. So do not be surprised if the habits of people who like to sleep on his stomach tend to have a slow way of thinking. Are you willing to take this risk?

4. The respiratory system is hampered

One hazard prone sleeping position is causing a hole in the nose does not open freely. How do I want to move freely, organ for breathing only oppressed by the agency. Moreover, this is in line with the nose difficult to find a breathing space covered by a pillow. Therefore, when the hole in the nose to get breathing space then the nose will breathe air with very strong. Does this not dangerous if there is dirt or bacteria into your nose?

5. Left eye pain

The eye is an organ that is very important and must be maintained properly and carefully.

But, not so for those of you who choose to sleep on his stomach. The reality often sleep on his stomach to make the pressure in one eye because of the setting surface of the pillow. If the pillow is too hard then, the eye organ can participate oppressed because of heavy pressure head. So it is not uncommon this causes blurred vision for a few moments.

6. Headaches

Because the nervous tension around the neck, the blood flow from the nerve center of the entire body to be faltering. If the flow is only rotates around the head it's not impossible your head will hurt.

7. The liver uncomfortable

When you are too often to sleep in the prone position it will create pressure in the gut that trigger the curiosity of nausea and want to vomit. Heartburn is an uncomfortable and quiet I think enough to inform us that the prone sleeping position is sleeping positions that are harmful to health.

In conclusion, although sleep is an activity for the rest of fatigue during the day, it does not mean you should sleep position anyhow. The fact that many people pay attention to this, so they chose to sleep on his stomach as an option. If you are expecting a healthy body and refreshed in the morning then do not choose to sleep on his stomach because it is harmful to health.

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