7 Don't Habits Cause your Teeth Color Yellow

Having a clean white teeth is a dream of everyone. How not with such a charming smile teeth can be removed with feelings of pleasure. Besides confidence also increased because most people are happy to show his teeth are clean and white.

Unfortunately, most people pay less attention to dental care. Often we get dental conditions that have changed color to yellow. Of course this is a serious problem for those of you who frequent activities outside the home or frequently meet clients. Problems like this can make your client feel uncomfortable. If so how? Cooperation could fail, right?

In connection with the problems of yellow teeth fact you do not have to go to the doctor for consultation. Indeed, a dentist can provide the best solution. But, if you continue to do the habits that cause yellow teeth, then it will be useless.

7 Don't Habits Cause your Teeth Color Yellow

Habits that cause teeth to yellow

1. Herbal teas

Maintaining the condition of the teeth so as not to yellow then you should avoid or reduce drink herbal tea, especially black tea, why? Herbal tea that basically can cause stains on teeth. This is because of its high content of chromogen. Even herbal teas can have a higher content of chromogen of coffee.

If you happen to like to drink tea so avoid excessive consumption of tea. In addition, try to choose the type of tea-colored clearer. If possible you can try other types of green tea. The Japanese researchers, as reported Dailymail, suggested that the herbal tea consumers prefer green tea. The content of catechins in green tea are believed to suppress the acid-producing bacteria on the teeth, so that yellow teeth more easily prevented.

2. Food

The variety of food you consume sometimes leave stains cause color change of teeth to yellow teeth. Foods such as berries, cherries, curry powder all contain a pigment that attaches to the tooth enamel and leave stains.

If you also like apples and potatoes, then you should know that they can cause yellow teeth. This happens because it contains molecules that can penetrate tubules and change the color of tooth enamel so it is no wonder that can cause discoloration of your teeth.

3. Carbonated Drinks

According to a study done at the University of Birmingham, found that energy drinks are corrosive than mineral water. Chemical substances contained in energy drinks tend to undermine and erode the teeth.

Acidic and rich chromogen make beverages like soda is very easy yellows the teeth. In fact, the acidity in carbonated drinks is considered equal to the acidity of the batteries. If you do not want yellow teeth also avoid red or white wine.

4. Poor oral hygiene

Be a general oral hygiene for your oral health. If the condition of the mouth is not clean, then there is the possibility affects the color of your teeth. Therefore, correct brushing your teeth properly is to make sure the stains on the tooth is missing. If not, then the rest of your food or beverages such as coffee or tea turned into a stain that allows citizens to change the teeth become yellow.

5. Age

Basically, the process of aging is a natural process, as well as state gear teeth yellowed by age. If you are elderly, the outer layer of the tooth enamel to be dwindling. So do not be surprised if this causes the yellow dentin evolve and change the color of the teeth to turn yellow.

6. Cigarettes

You need to know that in addition to diabetes, smoking can also cause yellowing teeth. The nicotine content in cigarettes causes the mouth to acid space, nicotine-nicotine continue to stick to the elements and tend to be difficult to remove the tooth. This is what causes yellow discoloration of the teeth gradually. So it's not unusual that those who smoke are less likely to have a clean and white teeth. This definitely can ruin the appearance of your teeth, right?

7. Eyedrops

Perhaps you are confused, what is the relationship eyedrops, with color change to yellow teeth. This happens because of the chemical content in eyedrops suppress the production of saliva. You should know that saliva will neutralize the acids in the mouth. So what if the amount of saliva is reduced? Of course automatically acid in the mouth will increase the number. Through this the bacteria will continue to multiply more rapidly so that the teeth will gradually change to yellow teeth.

In conclusion, try to regularly brush their teeth properly and regularly did you have to do. In addition to dental hygiene is also aimed at maintaining the health of your teeth. But, so should reduce or avoid habits that can cause yellowing of your teeth.

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