8 Causes Dry Skin you should know

Have dry skin condition is certainly not encouraging especially for those of you who are still young and productive age. How not to those conditions makes the skin lose moisture. In addition, many people who complain because of dry skin prone to wrinkles and rough.

Let alone for creativity well, even dry skin condition makes people less confident. Moreover, for those of you who are in a relationship with a lover.

It's important for you to know the cause of dry skin. That way you can indulge in comfort and quiet. Imagine if you are holding an important meeting with a friend and then they look at your skin problems, you may be stressed.

8 Causes Dry Skin you should know

Causes Dry Skin

1. Weather

For those who live in countries experiencing four seasons may dry skin problems are rare. But, for those of you who live in the tropics would often have the name of unpredictable weather changes. Extreme weather is often the cause of health problems of the body. Even the extreme weather changes you may be experiencing skin disorders, including the hands, feet or face.

It is common knowledge that the weather and climate extremes that tend to increase the temperature hotter especially if you've entered the dry season. If this condition continues you experience it was not unusual that the body will be susceptible to skin disorders including dry skin. Even the most dangerous of extreme weather can make the skin peel, especially if you tend to have dry skin types. Although not all skin responds this, a fact most people experience dry skin due to extreme weather.

2. Burned by the sun

It is undeniable that the sun at noon is the highest peak rising temperatures. So no wonder that it can make skin dull and burnt, even the sun is too hot can make facial skin peeling.

Therefore, for those of you who frequently go outdoors should always be alert to prepare extra protection, especially for the skin. If possible arrange your work schedule outdoors when the sun slightly dim conditions.

3. The wrong diet

As someone who crave skin conditions, especially the facial skin moisture adequate, the diet should be the center of attention of your healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy eating patterns tend to cause skin becomes dry and scaly easy.

Therefore, please multiply the types of foods and beverages that help your skin more moist and healthy. If necessary consult with health experts so that the outcome is optimal especially for those of you who are undergoing a healthy diet program. You definitely do not want that do the diet affects the healthy diet, right?

4 Too often face wash

Clean face is indeed a form of your attention to skin health. In addition to refreshing your face it is intended also to remove dirt on the skin. However, it does not mean you wash your face skin too often.

You need to know that too frequent washing of the face sometimes have negative impact on the skin of which the skin will lose its softness and lead to dry and scaly skin. I highly recommend that you clean the skin as much as five times a day and night in addition to the bath of course, to use soap facial cleanser.

5. Too much use face cream

I realize that the use of cosmetics is an important thing for women to enhance facial makeup and skin tone. Thus, the women will feel more beautiful and radiant. So as to improve the confidence to meet with anyone.

However, you should know that the excessive use of cosmetics is not recommended by beauty experts. Traces of cosmetics on the skin that do not disappear when cleaned can make breathing difficult and makes the skin of dead skin cells trapped in the pores of the skin. If the dead skin cells and oxygen and less on the skin continues, could cause the skin to become dry. Therefore, you should choose a face cream made from lightweight and easy to clean so that the health of your skin is maintained.

6. Indications disease

Maybe you think that the condition of skin dull, dry, or scaly is natural so it does not need serious attention. But, if this happens excessively you should be wary.In most cases the above conditions are sometimes an indication of a disease in the skin.

Diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea or hypothyroidism can lead to dry skin, dull, and flaky. Therefore, if you feel that your skin problems consult a doctor immediately so that the worst effects on the skin can be avoided.

7. Harsh soaps and detergents

Most people often do not pay attention to the use of soaps and detergents, as long as it has a popular name certainly suitable for use by anyone. In fact, there are some soaps and detergents that have a big name would certainly reduce the moisture because it is harsh on the skin.

From all that I think deodorant and antibacterial soaps are usually the most damaging skin. There is even a shampoo can dry out your scalp. Therefore, note the use of soap and detergents in your home.

8. The hot temperature water bath

Spa in warm temperate different room with a hot shower. Spa at warm room temperature can help the body to sweat. In addition, toxins in the body can come out simultaneously with sweat so the benefits are great. Unlike the hot shower that actually force the pores to close because it is not resistant to hot water.

Therefore, avoid hot bath with the water temperature. It is quite difficult to do especially if you are used to doing it. But, for the health of your skin so it does not dry then stay away.

In conclusion, even though you crave facial skin smooth and healthy, but if you frequently do a habit that makes dry skin then, it will be useless. It's therefore, easy to know the causes of dry skin so you can have a healthier skin and radiant.

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