Tips 5 Powerful Habits Reduce Body Odor

Have you ever felt the unpleasant body odor? Then, what you worry about it? Most people think of body odor is a scary thing. How not to smell body odor is often a large part of the complaint in interacting with others. This is not strange considering it can make the other person feel annoyed that not infrequently have to hold my nose.

Unfortunately not everyone is proactive against body odor. Some even tend to overlook and ignore. In fact, can make the body odor is thought to be less focused concentration. You can also lose confidence when the body odor. If this happens when you work out how?  In fact, in some cases you may be shunned because couples often smell the odor of your body.

It is in fact almost no case that makes a person's body odor then struck dangerous. However, with regard to body odor you should look at it from a different angle. That way you can avoid the negative effects and then thought to reduce body odor.

Tips 5 Powerful Habits Reduce Body Odor

Tips to reduce body odor through daily habits

1. Familiarize shower

Your first step to reduce body odor is to familiarize the bath at least two times a day morning and afternoon. In fact, the shower activity can help you maintain the freshness of the body.

Especially if you use a quality soap it also serves to eliminate sweat. It also reduces the amount of bacteria that breed on the surface of the skin. Basically, skin sweat does not cause odor. Nevertheless you should know that the presence of bacteria and micro-organisms which multiply very rapidly and then mixed with sweat then it will turn into unpleasant body odor.

Therefore, when you bath, listen carefully and meticulously high-potential areas of the body in producing the amount of excessive sweating. The area tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs faster than elsewhere, for example in the area of the armpit, neck, chest, and back. After that, clean the area with soap until evenly distributed throughout the body.

2. Dry weight evenly after shower

After you finish your shower, certainly needed a towel to clean it. On this subject you should pay attention to the towels you use. Use a dry towel to clean the body evenly until the body is completely dry. Why so? If your body does not dry completely, then when you indulge bacteria or germs to be easily attached to the body even when you do not sweat. If you have been sweating a little while it will soon smell the body odor.  Do you want?

3. Use deodorant or anti-perspirants

Of course you already know that the body in sweat in large quantities and closed are the armpit, back, and others.

In this case preferably after you clean yourself up to dry do not forget to wear deodorant or anti-perspirants in these areas. This is very important because it reduces your body odor deodorant to disguise the smell, while anti-perspirants will reduce the production of excessive sweating.

Nevertheless you should be careful in selecting products deodorant or anti-perspirants. Most of the products may not be suitable for your skin or less effective. Therefore, do not notice really a reaction that occurs after you wear.

4. Intelligent select clothes and change clothes regularly

Hoping body free of body odor is a mistake if you do not intelligently choose clothes. In many cases people may have done various things over to reduce body odor. But, in reality the body odor remains easily arise

In this regard you should choose clothing made from natural materials that easily absorb sweat like shirts or cotton. Try to avoid clothing made of materials that are difficult to absorb perspiration such as nylon or polyester. It is allowed, but the reality of these materials tend to make it difficult for the skin to breathe. Once you know the ingredients in her clothes do not forget to change clothes regularly.

5. Avoid consumption of foods that trigger the body odor

Apart from the above you still must pay attention to food consumption. Remember that some foods can trigger unpleasant body odor because it resulted in excessive perspiration. So, do not carelessly consume food just because it tastes good or extraordinary sensation.

There are some foods that you should avoid or reduce, such as spicy foods or dishes made with too much seasoning. In addition, there are foods that actually give an unpleasant aroma in sweat, as garlic and onion. We recommend that you make a list of foods that trigger the body odor and less to consume.

In conclusion, if you already know the various tips above and have been doing it regularly and consistently so unpleasant body odor can be reduced. Nevertheless I realize that the above is sometimes not efficacious in reducing your body odor due to other factors such as hormonal or genetic. If it is so you should see the doctor to consult further.

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