5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Do you have a weight problem? Do you have an ideal body weight? There are many people who have problems overweight and want to lose weight to be more ideal and healthy.

The problem is not everyone wants to exercise in order to have a proportional weight. Trying to liposuction surgery you can be hampered by high costs. Trying to extreme diet is not the way recommended by health experts. If it is so how to lose weight without exercise and not through extreme dieting.

Indeed, to get the ideal body weight you have to go through a series of processes one with regular exercise. However, what if you every day busy with work tiring? Surely you do not have time to exercise, even just 15 minutes a day may be too heavy.

Even so it does not mean you should bury the dream of having an ideal body weight. Some of these things may be an alternative you lose weight.
5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Without Exercise

1. Chewing food slowly

Often people prone to weight problems because it is difficult to control appetite stronger each see the food. Not only that even eat the way in a hurry can make appetite actually increased. In fact, the appetite is not normal it makes you difficult to achieve a full stomach. As a result of eating more you can force the stomach continues to grow from its original size.

To overcome this, you have to hold the food longer in the mouth. Chew food longer about 30 times so the food becomes softer. In addition to making easy work of the stomach can also decrease appetite because your mouth will be exhausted before your stomach satiety.

2. Don't eat in front of the TV, computer, laptop or mobile phone

Don't you busy with eating in front of the TV. Ad serving food suddenly appeared in TV could lead to a new appetite for you. So no wonder that people who are overweight have a hobby of watching TV.

Likewise with eating in front of a computer, laptop or mobile phone, when you are together unconsciously you continue to put food into his mouth. If it is so, then only satiety can stop you eat.

If you find it difficult to break those bad habits, trying to consume foods that take a long time before eating and chewing like peanuts. In addition, eating habits start to chew 30 times. With so your weight does not swell within a few days.

3. Keep the room temperature of your home

If you can, set the house air temperature to suit the body temperature. This is important given the problems lose weight can be influenced by it. If your room temperature is hot enough, the body needs to lower the temperature in order to match the temperature of the room. As a result of calories you burn just a little while your energy is drained.

Likewise, if the room temperature is cold enough, the body needs to increase in order to match the temperature of the room temperature. As a result, the body will be shaking with marked skeletal muscles contract to produce warmer temperatures while burning more calories in the body.

4. Consumption of yogurt and nuts

I mentioned above that one food to lose weight is to eat beans. Likewise yogurt is also good for your body. In fact, according to research at the Harvard School of Public Health reveals new facts that consuming yogurt and nuts can reduce your weight in the long-term be more effective more than you consume vegetables or fruits.

5. Drinking water

Basically, the body needs fluids in order to prevent dehydration and accelerate metabolism. In order to maintain your weight so that ideal then you must pay attention to the consumption of water every day.

Most people only focus on the food she would not pay attention to consumption and its effect on body weight. When you eat should avoid stomach satiated with food just because it is not a good habit. In addition, the stomach also need air and water to maintain balance. To overcome you eat your fill, then start drinking 1-2 glasses of water before meals. That way when you are satiated stomach are also loaded with other nutrients.

In conclusion, a series of process has to be done in order to lose weight. Even so it is good to reduce working hours and take the time to exercise. You simply exercise 15-30 minutes a day with mild type of the body such as walking, running or gymnastics. However, the success of weight loss will be more perfect if your body is not only ideal, but also healthy and strong.

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