7 Tips to Stop Smoking with effectively

It is inevitable that smoking is a bad habit that is harmful to health. How not people who like to smoke prone to addiction. Not only that smoking also causes the body to be decreased endurance. So it is not surprising that people who smoke are often easy fatigue when doing activities that are quite heavy.

Unfortunately, most people still do not care about the dangers of smoking. Even after they learned of the loss. Try to imagine people who like to smoke would have to set aside money salary to buy cigarettes on a regular basis, what this doesn't add to the cost vain? In fact, they already know that smoking can be difficult for him to perform, especially in the field of sports. More than the dangers of smoking could threaten the health of people around him, is this is not terrible?

Therefore, it is important for you to quit smoking. Not only for your health and your life, but also for the good of the people you care about. That way you can live a noble without harming others.

7 Tips to Stop Smoking with effectively

Tips to quit smoking effectively

1. Set the intention is good and right

To quit smoking you have to have good intentions and correct. How to bring the good intentions and correct?

Try to think clearly and from a different perspective of the dangers of smoking. With it you will find it has been doing injustice to themselves and others. Note also the words of doctors as experts who know the health. With this is your intention to quit smoking will emerge and evolve. If not so intent in you will easily shake because of the bad influence of friends.

2. Be strong determination

After you set the intention, then the next step is to strengthen the determination. You must be strong-willed to successfully quit smoking. This determination can you dig through the benefits of quitting smoking. Having excellent endurance and strong could be a major factor for the achievement. Also, try to bring smart thinking that by quitting smoking would have been able to realize a fraction of ideals. Remember, these ideals through the process of struggle and be patient. So, if you already know the advantages quit smoking I am sure you can quit smoking addiction.

3. Save the cigarette in place that are difficult to reach

After you do two things above, then it is better you keep the rest of cigarettes in place that are difficult to reach. You can wrap the plastic cigarette. Nevertheless should you choose black, why? Basically black is a color that can cover all colors. Therefore, if the plastic black color is seen it will hinder the eye that inside was smoking.

Alternatively, place non corner of the narrow house and not easily taken. You can put it in a can be wrapped in bulky goods so that your hands are not easy to reach. In addition, you can put the cigarettes near a dirty or rundown like trash. If it were so I think you will feel disgust for smoking.

4. Replace with other foods

Many people say that smoking is about tasting. Therefore, if you want to quit smoking, then try replacing your mouth with the intake of other foods. There is a wide variety of foods that you can try. Even so I suggest that you eat snacks such as peanuts. In addition, you can also try to divert the sense of wanting to smoke by eating sweets. We suggest you choose flavors made fresh in the mouth, such as mint or ginger flavor.

5. Shift with a busy schedule

For those of you addicted to cigarettes should try to occupy themselves with useful activities. Many people forget about cigarettes when various business continue to color their lives. Therefore, write down all the activities you love, no matter it is the work activities or sports. Then, select the activity to which you are comfortable doing so. If it is so well set schedules each week. That way you do not have a ridiculous thought for smoking.

6. Drinking juice

The longer you smoke then the tongue will be hard to stay away from cigarettes. However, that does not mean you can't quit smoking. If you can eliminate the secondhand smoke, then it's better. Drink a glass of juice with a variety of fruit flavors I think can neutralize the tongue of the cigarette smell.

7. Visit a smoke-free place

So that you step to quit smoking successfully then you can start by avoiding places that remind you of smoking. This is very important because there are some cases that allow your desire to smoke that has been lasting for so long could be violated because of the situation.

For that you should take time to visit places that are cool and fresh as garden, room air conditioning work, or place of worship. In this way your self-consciousness to far away from smoking.

In conclusion, although for some people smoking habits, but keep in mind that smoking is not a good thing. Therefore, if you want to quit smoking, then the above tips can be a smart solution. Good luck!

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