9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

One of the most difficult things is to avoid bad habits after a meal. How many people are doing and the resulting decline in health. Not only that even some of them get various types of diseases for ignoring a warning.

It can't be denied that the selection of healthy food is the most important thing for the body. Without a healthy meal nobody is fresh and fit. Therefore, not surprising that many people are willing to spend a lot of cost to buy quality food. However, that does not mean you should do the bad habits after a meal because it is dangerous to your body organs.

In this regard at least nine bad habits after a meal. If you frequently perform these bad habits you should think long. Although it can be a simple one, but it could make you regret

9 Bad Habits After Eating

1. Drinking cold water

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

Consuming cold drinks after dinner is a delicious thing. Moreover, if the beverage is drunk hot air when the body feels fresh. However, in fact you have to be careful with the habit.

The fact that you drink cold drinks could potentially freeze foods especially foods containing fats or oils. It resulted in narrowing of the intestine in the body, which would certainly have a negative impact on the digestive tract. If it is so you should drink warmer As a minimum to maintain the condition of the body after eating, especially fatty foods.

2. Eat fruits

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

Some people feel the pleasure of eating fruit after a meal because they thought that the habit is very good for health. However, it turns out the experts actually found eating fruit after a meal has the potential to interfere with digestion.

No wonder the experts say so because after the food into the stomach, the stomach takes about 1-2 hours to digest. This is because fruits contain carbohydrates that are usually absorbed by the small intestine. Consequently, fruits that you eat after eating allows movement hampered by the food. If this continues to repeat the digestion process will be disrupted. The worst part of this habit is causing some stomach disorders such as bloating, acid stomach and diarrhea. Therefore, finished eating you should eat fruit after a one hour so that a safer and healthier.

3. Drink tea

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid
As information for those of you who have the habit of drinking tea after a meal try to stop it. Not without reason I say that to you. In fact, drink tea may dilute the gastric juice can affect the digestion of food.

The content of tannins in the tea leaves if you drink after eating can make proteins that have not been digested stomach merges with tannic acid. So that it can form a sediment, which is difficult to digest that affect protein absorption. Drinking tea is also not recommended for those who suffer from anemia because tea can inhibit iron absorption. If it is still hard to avoid it, then drink tea at least one hour after eating.

4. Smoking

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

One of the causes of declining health is smoking. Basically smoking is a dangerous act because the content in cigarettes can cause many symptoms of dangerous diseases. However, there are many people who do ignore this problem.

If you can't avoid it completely, then I suggest not to do after the meal. Indeed, for some people smoke after the meal is delicious, but not a smart choice. Smoking after a meal is believed to increase the risk of cancer 10-fold since the food you eat can be mixed with harmful substances from cigarettes. Therefore, it is better you do break the habit of smoking now. Ok!

5. The belt loosened

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

Indeed loosen the belt after a meal will make the stomach more comfortable especially if you eat until you are full. The problems are these habits can lead to lower the pressure in the abdominal cavity, forcing the stomach down due to the weight of the food. If this practice continues to do so can lead to diseases of the stomach or intestines tangled down. In damping that such practices can make your stomach more enlarged and resulted in the belly bulge.

6. Shower

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

One other bad habits after a meal is a shower. Indeed, the purpose shower to wash up and make the body refreshed. However, do not ever you bathe after eating.

Water conditions in the bath can increase blood flow throughout your body. However, not so if it happens after you eat. The flow of blood that should flow through the body is forced to go into the stomach where digestion takes place so that the function of the stomach weakened intestinal digestion. If you took a shower there will be a sudden change in temperature that can interfere with digestion.

7. Sports

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

Trying to exercise regularly is the best way to maintain a healthy body. However, that does not mean it should be done after a meal. The increased volume of body motion can affect the digestive tract to the absorption of nutrients. It is more obvious to the elderly, namely the weakening of heart function and blood vessel constriction. In addition, a lot of walking after meals can cause symptoms of decreased blood pressure so it is easy fatigue.

8. Driving a vehicle

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

A condition that vulnerable if you drive a vehicle after a meal. Actually, after eating the stomach and intestine require large amounts of blood volume to digest food. This certainly requires a large brain organ is deprived of blood for a while. If you still push yourself for driving back, then you should first break of about 30 minutes.

9. Jump to sleep

9 Bad Habits After Eating you should Avoid

One of the factors you are fast asleep was excessive satiety. This is because the volume of blood in the brain because the blood is reduced while the concentrate to digest food more quickly in the intestines and stomach. For this reason, you should not get eaten to satiety. Besides asleep easily create the calorie content in food is not burned into energy that can cause obesity.

In conclusion, eating habits can't be changed quickly because it feels good. The problem is, they can't distinguish the good or bad habits after a meal. As a result many of them are easy to complain of pain or conditions health declined. If you wish to remain healthy body, then the bad habits above nine should be discontinued. That way you further minimize the risk of obesity and other disease risks.

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