10 Causes of Wrinkles in The Face at Young Age You Must Know

For those of you who love the beauty and love the body does not want to have skin wrinkles. If it happens at the age of 50 years, then it probably is not a big problem. But what if it happens to you that is still treading a young age. Therefore, all handling and prevention continue to be done to reduce that risk.

The problem though various ways have been done quickly turns the skin wrinkles. Of course it makes you less self-confidence especially to meet up with friends. Moreover, for those of you who want a serious relationship with a lover wrinkled skin problems can be blamed the failure of the relationship.

It's important for you to know the various factors that cause rapid skin wrinkles. That way you can treat the skin with a good, true and correct. In addition, you can set up a precautionary measure so that problems can be resolved wrinkled skin.

10 Causes of Wrinkles in The Face at Young Age You Must Know

What causes wrinkles in the face

1. Exposure to sun exposure

For those of you who like to travel far or often outdoors activities must often interact with direct sunlight. This situation if it lasts longer, then the skin can be dull or burning due to sun exposure. Therefore, not strange that it makes the skin more rapidly aging and wrinkling.

Basically, the sun is ultraviolet rays that could bring negative impact on your skin. Even the worst effects of the interaction that takes a long time while the skin loses its resistance to these rays can be worse that trigger skin cancer.

Therefore, experts advise when traveling or outdoor activities to wear sunscreen. Moreover, if the weather reaches the highest summer temperatures you should wear a hat, sunglasses, clothes covered or jacket. That way you can reduce the risk of skin wrinkles faster.

2. Using cosmetic products that are less precise

It is inevitable that cosmetic products vary often invite women to beautify themselves. Even those willing to buy these products at a good price. But once is not a smart choice if you simply buy and use for the skin.

The problem arises because some cosmetic products sometimes after giving beauty in yourself and cause wrinkles. Even the most severe can cause a burning sensation.

Therefore, first consider the content of the materials used on these products. If possible, you should consult with a dermatologist so that there is no guarantee that cosmetic products are completely safe to use.

Although it has been safe cosmetics do not forget to put enough on the skin. After that, do not forget to wash and clean the rest of cosmetics when going to sleep. The rest of the cosmetics are not as clean can get into the pores of the skin that covers it. If you have so that the outer skin of your difficulty getting nutrients from the body so that wrinkles can quickly arise.

3. Dehydration

To keep skin healthy and strong you have to meet all the nutrients through a healthy diet. Not only it, was the water in the body needs are also important in order to avoid dehydration. Why?

Some people often forget about the amount of water consumption every heart. As a result, your skin should be sacrificed. How hydrated the skin becomes dry and dull easily. If this continues, then aging is inevitable as the appearance of lines and lead should wrinkles.

Observing this then it's time you meet the daily water consumption well. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Also, do not forget to wash your face as much as five times a day and avoid excessive wash because the effect is also not good for the skin. This is important because you also have to keep hydrated from the outside.

4. Dry skin type

Indeed, there are various types of skin possessed by humans include oily skin and dry skin. For oily skin may not be a serious problem because basically oily skin longer experiencing skin wrinkles.

However, unlike the case with you who have dry skin types. Dehydration makes the skin is dry, rough and scaly quickly. Especially if you do not wash your face regularly every day because of excessive wear cosmetics, the wrinkles can't be avoided anymore.

5. Smoking habits

I am sure you have heard about the dangers of smoking to health of which is harmful to the lungs and heart. However, you also need to know that smoking is also harmful to the skin. This is because smoking can inhibit the blood supply to the entire body.

Even the lips of the smoker can become blackish. Moreover, for your face is often exposed to cigarette smoke can make the skin dry quickly and eventually wrinkled. That's why health experts highly stressed people to stop smoking.

6. Unhealthy diet and excessive

I realize that some people, especially women want to have an ideal body shape. For this purpose they are on a diet and be patient in the run.

Actually it does not matter when you want to run a diet program. However, you should first consult with experts in nutrition (doctor) for a process of a healthy diet should be done properly, correctly and calculating.

Unfortunately for young people consultation with a nutritionist is an unusual thing. So, they are willing to take more risk with theirs diet set yourself. They estimate their own food can be eaten and should be avoided.

The problem is when the body lacks vitamins, minerals and nutrients they were not consciously make the skin as a victim of the diet. How not an unhealthy diet will potentially reduce nutrients to the skin. The result is dry and dull skin and wrinkles begin to appear.

7. Excessive facial movement

Have you ever thought that excessive facial movements can make the skin is wrinkled?

The actual movement of the face with an expression smile, frown or anger are common. Indeed, those who never smile, frown or anger can be said is not healthy.

However, not a good thing if you do it with exaggerated movements. The muscles in the skin of the face would be interested in a long time and will have difficulty maintaining elasticity. As a result, skin becomes tense or stiff so that when the skin folds will change the onset of fine lines and then become wrinkled.

Therefore, when you are expressing themselves through facial movements should you do with a reasonable and not an overabundance. This is important because it can have ramifications wrinkled skin that you do not realize.

8. Often stay up

If you have a habit of staying up late to work overtime or other activities, then I recommend that decrease it. Regardless of what you do at night it significantly affects mainly the skin becomes pale and disheveled. Additionally, it will make the skin in the area around the eyes are becomes loose and will be eventually marked the emergence of wrinkles with eye bags.

At bedtime is the best time for the skin to initiate the formation of new collagen cells are damaged or die. Of course this takes the process and sufficient time in order to produce new collagen cells are well qualified.

Therefore, you do not busy themselves with often stay up and start the habit of sleeping around 6-8 hours a day. That way your body tissue in good condition and does not trigger the process of premature aging such as wrinkles due to the onset of fine lines.

9. Excessive Stress

Wish healthy skin and keep it smooth then you should be able to control your emotions when angry. Indeed, I realized that the psychological condition of each person is different among them are the type to worry and stress.

If you include people with type like this, then you should be careful to regulate emotions. In fact, wrinkled skin could arise due to errors in controlling stress. This is because when you are stressed circulation of blood does not flow smoothly. Most muscles depressed areas such as skin and enlarged so as to close the blood flow. So do not be surprised if people are stressed look unhealthy and weak.

10. Lack exercise

Exercise is the best way to reduce the risk of skin wrinkles easily. Why?

Sports is not just a healthy organ in your body, but also keep skin healthy, fresh and elastic. This is true because when you sweat, the pores in the skin will swell and remove toxins that can make cells are damaged or die. So no wonder that after exercise the body feels fresh and the skin becomes tighter. This is what makes the risk of skin wrinkles can be avoided.

The conclusion to have a smooth skin, healthy and strong is not easy and takes the process so that the result is successful and enduring. However, because you already know the reasons that cause wrinkles then you effectively can anticipate. And there is no reason for you to skin wrinkles faster at a young age.

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