6 Powerful Tips to Prevent Sleepy in the Morning Could you try

Drowsiness is a natural thing in humans. Especially if it happens because the body feels tired due to work overtime. Then, lying in bed is the best solution. In fact, you should have a longer break so that the health of the body is declining rapidly.

The problem is that the drowsiness that occurred in the morning. The time should be used for the preparation of the work went to the office will be lost because of excessive drowsiness. As a result, you go to work in a state of weakness and exhaustion sleepy.

Drowsiness is not prohibited, but it would look strange if it takes place every morning. You must avoid the sleepiness that comes every morning because no satisfactory job if your eyes drowsy. Concentration and focus will decrease and it could be messy job.

6 Powerful Tips to Prevent Sleepy in the Morning Could you try

An easy way to prevent sleepy in the morning

1. Meet the needs of sleep each night

The first way you should do so not sleepy in the morning was enough sleep. Sleep has an important role in the body's ability to heal and repair the heart and blood vessels. So the doctors strongly advised to sleep 6-8 hours a night.

If you include people who disturbed sleep due to insomnia, then immediately consult a doctor. Do not let you have trouble sleeping every day for a variety of malignancies ready come the insomnia, heart disease such as heart attack or heart failure. It also can lead to be decreased memory and can lead to depression.

Therefore, create a schedule of your daily activities including sleep time. Do not let the body have problems because you ignore the danger. Remember, health is more important than work.

2. Turn off lights when sleeping

Try to avoid the lights on when you are going to sleep. This will make the body break perfectly. Indeed, some people are afraid of the dark, maybe you. But for the good health of your body tried to resist these fears. It may take a little longer, but I hope you get started.

Sleep in a state of the light is able to make light through the eyelid. So it is not uncommon for a person difficult to sleep and the resulting sleep quality decreased. If this continues, then the soreness of the eyes is inevitable that you will get sleepy in the morning.

Therefore, turn off the lights when you are going to sleep so that your melatonin hormone production are met. This hormone is important so that the immune system can be maintained. So in the morning you can wake up in a state of healthy and fresh.

3. Avoid sleeping with flaming gadget

For those of you who can't get away from gadgets such as mobile phones or laptop so do not try to bring it when you are going to sleep. Gadgets still burning allows causing radiation that would greatly reduce the quality of sleep. Especially if you sleep listening to music through earphones, then clear your ears will never break when sleeping. So in the morning is very natural that you would easily sleepy.

In that regard do not let all the gadgets you gathered near the bed. Avoid the habit of using gadgets at bedtime at least 15-20 minutes. That way you sleep really good quality.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol

For this one habit that you should leave. The alcohol content allows you did not aware of what you are doing. Thus, enabling lowering all organ functions. The result is clear in the morning you wake up and feel dizzy trouble on the head. This is what causes drowsiness and fatigue is inevitable.

Therefore, if you wish to get a healthy body and fresh, then quit consuming alcohol is the best solution. It is not easy to do when it has become a habit every week. However, referring to the dangers of alcohol I suggest you stay away.

5. Perform activities

Because drowsiness occurs because the body is still stiff organ then do activities that make the body move. You can perform activities as walking, gymnastics, or run the homework. Do not let yourself be silent sit without doing activities because organs are not stimulated to move tend to be weak.

This activity makes the body to maintain fitness and helps blood circulation throughout the body. So do not be surprised if this habit will prevent you from feeling sleepy in the morning.

6. The breakfast in the morning and drink coffee or tea

To prevent drowsiness come your stomach should not be hungry in the morning. A hungry stomach allows the intake of nutrients into the body are not met. As a result, the blood vessels do not work perfectly. So that the nutrients to the brain and the eye becomes blocked. This is what causes drowsiness eyes.

To overcome this it should you start the habit of breakfast in the morning was good and right. You can eat bread as relieving hunger. We also recommend that you drink hot tea or coffee. This drink is very well make your body fresh and help reduce drowsiness.

In conclusion, although in the morning you've done how to overcome drowsiness. But prevention in the night before and was sleeping should not do. The best prevention plan for you so that sleepiness in the morning will not come.

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