9 Cause can't Sleep Properly and Soundly at Night

It is inevitable that a good sleep at night is the best time for the rest of the body. Especially if you can sleep soundly, then the next day you can learn or work with healthy and fresh. Experts also advise that night sleep about 6-8 hours each day. With so health and physical fitness can make a body and mind while studying or working to be more excited.

Unfortunately, most people do not want to apply a good quality sleep. Not because they do not have a desire for healthy and fresh, but because circumstances force it to do so. Of course, this becomes a serious problem if it has become a daily habit. Decreased body immunity is the most commonly experienced impact. Even in some cases of some diseases appear suddenly and so dangerous that could force your vacation in the hospital for several days.

Relating a good sleep of course you have to think smart. Do not just busy with various activities that can disturb your night sleep. It must take so that you do not incur additional costs for treatment.

9 Cause can't Sleep Properly and Soundly at Night

Can't sleep properly and soundly at night, this is the cause

1. Stress

Wish will sleep soundly is a mistake if you go to bed with a state of stress. Especially if the stress you have to make the brain feel simmering under the weight of a difficult life. You should know that excessive stress may increase susceptibility to Insomnia (this according to the 2003 study published by Psychosomatic Medicine).

In addition to excessive stress is a complex condition that includes emotional factors, cognitive and biological. This can enable Sympatho Adreno Medullary (SAM) and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA). SAM system is what produces epinephrine and norepinephrine, causing a measurable change in heart rate. While the influence of behavior and psychological aspects of the individual.

This is why you do not sleep soundly. Therefore, you must have a special way to mitigate the problem of stress. Immediately consult a doctor of psychology can be a way to reduce the levels of stress so that you are quickly able to sleep soundly.

2. Eating late at night

Some people have the habit of working late into the night. So it is not surprising that they have dinner afterwards. However, problems arise because some of their dinner portions were huge and the dishes are heavy. Of course this can lead to gain weight quickly.

Besides dinner late at night can also trigger Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD). Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder is a condition when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, which can cause heartburn and acid reflux. This is why you can't sleep properly at night.

3. The beds are uncomfortable or unfamiliar

To be able to sleep well you have to provide a safe and comfortable beds. The use of sleeping mattress should be soft and elastic, so support the shape of your body with the fitting. Besides the selection of pillows is also important because it must be adapted to your neck. Nonetheless, you should wear a soft pillow and not too loud so that the neck muscles are not blocked because of pressure by your pillow during sleeping.

In addition, some people can't sleep well because it was unfamiliar with the new beds. This happens when you are on vacation out of town and needed a place to sleep for the rest. Mattresses and pillows were still strangers sometimes makes you did not sleep well.

Besides the light conditions are also influential. Some people find it difficult because of the condition of the room was dark while others said he could not sleep soundly in carrying bright state. Therefore, if the condition of the room does not comply with the sleep habits of deep sleep will not be achieved.

4. The burden of office work hard

It is inevitable that the work is important. Even you have to work hard so that the results are good and satisfactory. The aim is obviously to be able to survive the office or to quickly get a job promotion.

The problem is when you have not finished the job at the office often be done at home. In addition, it is not uncommon these jobs require several days in order to finish so that your mind will keep pouring on the job. Moreover, if the job goes wrong, then surely you will not sleep soundly.

5. Excessive Naps

For those of you who want to sleep well at night should reduce the duration of naps. Napping is very beneficial for your body condition, especially when during the day. It was only a short duration of about 30-45 minutes.

But for those of you who slept in excessive daytime hours on end do not expect a good night sleep. Especially if you consider your body will be fresh after waking up from the bed. Nap serves to reduce the risk of excessive fatigue when night falls while excessive daytime sleep can indeed make the eye a break, but do not make all the organs break perfectly. If your nap lasts for hours, then certainly your night sleep soundly.

6. The room temperature is too hot

Working in a hot room that often makes the body react excessively so that the sweat is pouring from the skin. Likewise, if you sleep in a state rooms were hot it will make the body tired quickly. As a result, you will not sleep soundly even nightmares can occur because of the situation.

Therefore, you should maintain the room temperature room with a pair of them have air conditioning or a fan. So the temperature of the room you are not too contrary to your body temperature.

7. Noise

I realize that the conditions so that people can sleep is different. Some of them could only sleep in a state of calm and quiet. But not infrequently, one could sleep by the sound (such as TV, Radio, MP3, etc.). It is a natural thing for the body's response to sounds can't be predicted.

However, do not expect to sleep comfortably if the sound that you hear too noisy. These circumstances make the eardrum does not stop responding aloud. So many people who complain do not sleep properly in noisy circumstances.

8. The effects of chemical substances

For those of you who frequently consume food or drinks that contain chemicals such as caffeine, alcohol or nicotine you should be careful. The caffeine content in coffee making eye it difficult to sleep if consumed at nighttime. While alcohol in addition to making you unconsciously also affect the heart so it was hard to get a good sleep quality and quality.

For those of you who still like to smoke to think again. Besides can cause many dangerous diseases nicotine content in cigarettes also makes the body's muscle function declined rapidly. In fact, it greatly affects the heart's work. So it is worth saying that the nicotine in cigarettes can make you sleep soundly. Therefore, immediately stop the smoking habit.

9. Age

Age was also causing a person can't sleep through the night. At the age of infancy through adolescence, you still need a long sleep hours. Even as this one can wet the bed during sleeping without being able to hold it.

Meanwhile, when the age of an adult (40 years and above), the hours of restful sleep will be reduced. It is characterized by ease of adults wake up at midnight because of the desire to urinate. Furthermore, if before bed you drink several glasses of water in one night, then your chances of waking up several times.

In conclusion, despite the night sleep is needed by the body does not mean you have to go to bed without preparation. Some people simply lying in bed and lead to difficulty sleeping. Therefore, you have to nine cause can't sleep properly and soundly at night so you sleep really good quality and healthy for the body.

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