Causes, Symptoms and How to Overcome Tired Eyes

When was the last time you felt tired eyes?

Eye fatigue is experienced by everyone especially for those of you who often study or work overload. Of course this is not something pleasant. Moreover, if you are in need of extra time to concentrate finish in the near future.

Eye fatigue is making trouble in the activity. This is evident when many jobs are not completed on time. Learning to be out of focus because the view begins to blur and memory weakened. Even to drive also the smart choice when you're exhausted eyes. In addition to force myself not a good idea because the muscles of the eyelids can be tense and felt hot. The result can lead to various diseases such as eye minus.

The good news by reading this article you can find out the causes, symptoms, how to cope with tired eyes and tips to prevent eye fatigue. That way when you have a scheduled activity or a plan so that your eyes do not easily exhausted.

Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal with Tired Eyes

The cause eyestrain

1. Linger in front of a computer or laptop

For those of you who often work or learning to use a computer or laptop should be more careful. Some people even have to wear glasses while interacting with a computer or laptop for driving eye minus. Even in some cases they are often massaged around the eyelids in order to reduce fatigue.

Although working and studying in front of a computer or laptop is a good thing. But do not overdo it for hours. Love your eyes so that the eye muscles are not tense for a long time.

2. Often play the game online

Actually it does not matter if you play games to entertain themselves from the fatigue of everyday activities. Especially for employees who met a heavy load for a lot of things that make the brain fatigue.

Still, playing online games should be no rules. You should not be playing in a long time because of the fun. Your eyes also need enough rest so as not to fatigue.

3. Busy with smartphone

Because social media is now so popular that some people do not feel alive unless the smartphone. The problem when using these gadgets often made people forget the circumstances. As a result, the time is up with gadgets and ends with an eyesore and dry.

4. Not having enough sleep

However, how strong and healthy body in activities you should pay attention to the time to sleep. Try to sleep at night in good time and correctly. Some people have a habit of sleeping late at night because of the demands of work or a night sleep habits. To occasionally may not be a serious impact on the eye, but when it is done very often it can cause a lack of oxygen in the blood so that the eye muscles suffer from shrinkage. If this continues, then the tired eyes can't be avoided.

5. When reading redundant

It is inevitable that reading a book or ebook is a good habit and deserves to be preserved. However, you should pay attention to how long it took to read. Especially if you read in a state of the lights are not bright (dimmed), the eye must work hard to maintain visual focus. As a result, when the state of the room suddenly bright, the eye muscles can be surprised that directly blurred eyesight.

Avoid reading while on his stomach because of blood circulation from the heart to the eye may be clogged. So no wonder that the people who read this way only survive within few moments and eventually fell asleep without realizing it.

6. Nutrients and vitamins are not met

So is the diet can cause eye fatigue. Eye also needs nutrients and vitamins that support the work of the eye. If vitamin A is not met, then the eyes would be weakened. If durability is reduced, eye fatigue may occur at any time even when you are undergoing light activity like reading a story in the paper.

7. Driving excessive

It is inevitable that when driving on the highway eye health must take precedence. Power should be fresh and sharp eyesight so that no accident occurs. Therefore, in driving on the highway suggested a break after 3-4 hours. If you've passed the time has elapsed, the durability of the eye will be quickly reduced because the eye muscles constantly strained to see distant objects. So the main nearsighted patients is dominated by the driver.

8. Age

Needless to say that the age greatly affect the immune system. It can be seen from the decline and weakening of all organs of the body such as the eyes. The muscles of the eye are getting loose and difficult to maintain elasticity. As a result, the elderly have trouble seeing objects move in quick time. If enforced it could result sore and itchy.

9. Air pollution

Indeed, today's living environment free from air pollution is very difficult and expensive especially if you live in a big city. Fumes the main driver of air pollution that can cause the eyes feel dry and itchy. Likewise with cigarette smoke is very harmful for health. Therefore, if you are able to try to avoid interacting with the fumes and cigarette smoke every day so that your eyes do not become a victim.

Symptoms of eye fatigue

1. Watery eye and sore

The initial symptoms of tired eyes are marked with tears easily come out, followed by the pain. Of course this interfere with your activities that take place in a long time. A further problem can arise if you rubbed my eyes repeatedly with hard pressure. Then, it can affect vision distance because the object seen to be double or blurred.

2. Eye felt heavy and sleepy

One indication of your eyes being tired is heavy to open because the eye muscles experiencing excessive fatigue. So do not be surprised if this could cause you to lose concentration when working or reading activity. Even worse you can fall asleep involuntarily due to sleepiness that is not irresistible.

3. Headache

An eye condition that is tired cause the blood circulation to the head to be narrowed because the nerves of the eyes in a state of tension then allows the headache. The good news of this condition are the eyes of your headache would disappear after adequate rest.

4. The view of the eye becomes opaque

When you feel that the eyes were tired then the view will see object become blurred or smudged. This can happen when you want to see objects in the distance near or far. In these circumstances you should break from the daily activity because it can lead to abnormalities in eye tissue. Even abnormalities glaucoma can occur because of this. Therefore, do not push yourself when your eyes are tired.

5. Eyes look cloudy

When your eye is tired and has been going on for days then it can affect the appearance of the face because eyesight is weakening these issues affect the eye color changed to be more cloudy and less luminous. If you have this, then you definitely feel less excited in daily activities.

6. Decreased concentration

For those of you who work in the field of administration of then do not underestimate the condition of tired eyes. These conditions can make your vision concentrations decline rapidly so most likely an error occurred. So also with you who like to read books for hours. We recommend that you rest in order to avoid danger or tired.

7. Be sensitive to bright light

Tired eyes resulting cornea becomes more sensitive to bright light. It will be obvious when the eyelid closes partially to reduce light entering the retina. If your eyes do not immediately break, then could make the vision becomes blurred and the eyes will eventually minus.

8. The eye feels dry

Tired eyes are also characterized by reduced moisture eye because tearing production is narrowed so that eyes feel dry. If this continues, then it is not encouraging when you experience it. Dry eye is often easy irritation due to dust or fumes. Even playing games online for a long time could be the cause.

Therefore, to avoid adverse effects you can be using eyedrops as a first step. Nevertheless it is highly recommended you rest the eyes so that the eye pain symptoms from getting worse.

9. Red eyes and itchy

Red-eye often occurs due to the habit of staying up late at night. The itchy eyes usually occur because of excessive interact with a computer or mobile phone so that free radical attack on a subconscious carry dirt through the wind or air. This situation can make you rubbed his eyes to reduce the itch. However, you should not do rubbed his eyes can cause an incision in the cornea so that when viewed object eyesight feels there are thin lines.

10. The eye feels the heat

For those of you who like to play online games or play station for hours every day so be careful. The habits that occurred in a month could result in your eyes tense with nervous eyes terrace just focus viewed at close range. This is what causes the nervous tension into heat. If you do not want to have your eyes minus should break the habit above. Although trivial it proved effective to make the eyes have a minus.

How to cope with tired eyes

Because you already know the causes and symptoms of eye fatigue. Then, the next we come to the discussion of how to cope with tired eyes. That way you will know how to prevent and how to care for the eyes that various eye diseases do not attack this important organ. Here are some ways to overcome eyestrain you should consider.

1. Rest or sleep

The first step to overcome eyestrain certainly adequate rest because basically eyes tired of being forced to work excessively then there is no more potent drug than the rest. Therefore, take notes of your eye rest time. It helps you sleep every day between 6-8 hours.

2. Compress the eye

Compress the eye can also do to cope with tired eyes. The trick grabs your tea bag that has been soaked in cold water or ice. It is helping with reducing the strain on the eye muscles. Even more encouragingly that compress with tea can make the lines around the eyes fade scars.

In addition you can also use boiled water betel leaves as an eye compress. Maybe your eyes will feel sore because you're exhausted eyes. However, after doing so fresh taste can be found.

3. Wash your face with water

Washing your face is not new in maintaining health problems face. In fact, wash your face more calm facial muscles so that the skin of the face becomes moist and reduce tension. So no wonder that people who did not wash his face, affect the health of the eye. Therefore, wash your face at least five times a day.

4. Massaging

Due to eye health is strongly influenced by the muscles around the eyes, then you can do a little massage with hands or fingers so that the muscles are more relaxed and comfortable. Many people who do it, and get a good result for the eyes. Therefore, it would not hurt you to massage the muscles around the eyes as long as it is not excessive and does not press firmly.

5. Eye spa

Sometimes the eye spa is also needed so that eyestrain can be quickly reduced. For this one you can use cucumber slices attached to the eye so that the temperature of the eyes so fresh. You can also use potatoes as an alternative. This slice is needed when your tired eyes feel dry and burn.

6. Eyedrops

The use of eyedrops is actually the last way to overcome eyestrain. Of course you should not carelessly buy eyedrops and direct use. Eyedrops require a prescription to be safe and appropriate for your eye condition.

The eyedrops are there in the market then it is only useful fatherly address the irritation and remove red eye. So, be careful with the products of eyedrops because in some cases a mistake choosing eyedrops can result in blindness.

In conclusion because you already know the causes, symptoms and how to cope with tired eyes does not mean you can be free from such problems. Activities are busy and online gaming overload can make you forget the dangers of tired eyes. Therefore, do not force your eyes overworked that can make you have to go to the doctor.

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