Five Reasons to Seriously when Women Hate Acne

One of the causes of a woman is very surprised and even scream is viewed pimple that suddenly appear on the face. How not, the women really hate acne because the impact can change a woman's world instantly becomes more difficult and confusing on that day.

Regardless of the type of acne that is experienced by the woman they still regard it is bad news like a small apocalypse. Especially if the acne appears on the nose or forehead that would create confidence dropped dramatically. No wonder the woman hates pimples.

Five Reasons to Seriously when Women Hate Acne

Reasons Women Hate Acne

1. Canceling plans

Usually the women when planning something like a street with theirs lovers have a good preparation. Even for those things they could think about all day. So not strange when these moments occur felt happiness that can't be described in words.

Unfortunately, the plan could be canceled because of triggered the appearance of acne on the face. How not usually conscious women have breakouts when you wake up. This is what makes them feel important to postpone all plans in a few days.

2. It hurts when large

The existence of acne quickly will make inflamed nerves underneath. This would lead to the inflammation of acne point turns red. If the acne has matured and is ready to erupt, the more it hurts when it is held or just touched.

3. When acne break

When acne has a large and mature, it is difficult to cope with himself not to squeeze. The pain is excruciating form of inflammation of the skin makes it very hope quickly separated from the problem of acne.

Unfortunately when the acne has erupted acne problem is not necessarily lost. Existing acne scars on the face are often left black spots are difficult to remove. Even acne scars can last a few months so normal that women hate acne.

4. The odd nickname

The bad news is also often approached women who are acne in the form of a nickname. His nickname is very often unpleasant so the impact on the psychology of the sufferer such as, red face, there are red beans in your face and so on. Surely it could lead to lower sense of confidence in the mix. So no wonder that the problem extended to the social and educational fields.

5. The dilemma wears make up

To overcome the problem might be wearing make up could be second alternative. There are only a dilemma when you want to use make up while breakouts. The problem arises because of the use of make up can't cover up pimples that have popped out. Moreover, if the acne is contained in the forehead, nose or cheeks, the more difficult is covered with make up.

Even with make up can cause new problems on the skin. Acne bumps which have been enlarged can be infected by material make up and can lead to allergies. Moreover, if the acne is ripe it will cause inflammation when it erupted increasingly intense pain.

In conclusion because acne is a problem that is not invited and only leave a mark then naturally the women did not expect it. Trying to survive the pain is also not a wise choice. Therefore, it is easy for women look at acne with hatred.

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