13 Best Tips to have Healthy Eyes with Easy and Cheap

Eye health should be of serious concern everyone. How not, the eye is an organ that is most important and valuable. So do not be surprised if a lot of ways to have healthy eyes naturally, easily and cheaply.

The problem is not easy to have a healthy eye when you make a habit which would damage. Clear negative impact toward the eye if you do not take good care. Eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, myopia, presbyopia, or cataracts, and can make you difficult to see. Besides eye diseases like glaucoma could make you permanently blind.

The good news is you can have healthy eyes without the need for special equipment for the eyes. Moreover, you should check to the ophthalmologist repeatedly to say expensive. Even so quiet because the tips are going to an easy and inexpensive way of making it safe to apply to everyday life.

13 Best Tips to have Healthy Eyes with Easy and Cheap

Tips to have healthy eyes

1. Avoid reading or lying face down

Reading a book with his stomach is a habit that makes your eyes tired quickly. This is evidenced by the instability of the nerve eye on some areas of the eye that makes the concentration can't focus. If we think the deeper it turns out there is a difference between reading the memory stomach with a reading by sitting good and right. So do not be surprised if way of reading this kind is not recommended by health experts.

2. Avoid reading with the lights dimmed

In addition, avoid also read with the lights dim or less bright. In fact, reading with poor lighting allows the eye muscles become stiff or tight. As a result, the internal organs of the eye such as the retina will will begin producing chemicals that are more sensitive to the presence of light. This chemical substance which later can detect light is then converted into electrical signals and sends signals to the brain.

Besides the iris muscles to relax so happens eye opening. It aims to collect light entering the retina as possible. Despite that nerve cells in the retina requires hard work in order to adjust to the dim light while reading. If this continues, then it is not impossible that ciliary muscle elasticity will be decreased.

3. Stop smoking

For those of you who have the habit of smoking you should stop it. Maybe you already know the effect of smoking on health, such as heart, lungs, and liver. Although it is true, but basically smoke turned out to narrow the diameter of blood vessels that block blood flow to your eyes. As a result of oxygen entering the blood is also reduced. In fact, oxygen is essential for maintaining the stability of cells in the body. So, do not sacrifice the health of your eyes to become smokers.

One of the effects of smoking to the health of your eyes is a cataract. Cataract is a clouding that occurs due to white membrane under the lens of the eye. If the white membrane that continues to grow, then it could cover the entire eye area. And smoking is an activity that can increase the risk of developing cataracts up to 2-fold.

Moreover smoking also lead to degeneration of the macula up to 3-fold. Macular degeneration is a disease that attacks the macula area of the retina. The macula is actually functioning for more visual detail and keeping the focus of the eye. When macular degeneration occurs it will appear blind spots in central vision area. The problem is rational degeneration disease has no cure so prone to blindness.

Smoking was also cause Uveitis up to 2-fold. Uveitis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. You could say the disease is quite serious because if not done a survey, it can lead to total blindness.

4. Stop drinking alcohol

It is not easy to change people's love to drink alcohol for the sensation. However, if you are able to stop drinking alcohol, then it's better for your health, especially your eyes.

In fact alcohol has an impact on both the eye the power of vision in the short-term or long-term. This is not strange considering the influence of alcohol will attack the optic nerve in short-term drinking will cause visual focus is declining rapidly. While in the long-term drinking of alcohol can be a range of eye sight becomes narrower.

Besides, alcohol also impair the ability of your eyes to see the contrast in color. As a result you will be difficult to distinguish different shades of color of an object vision.

The worst impact of drinking alcohol is optic neuropathy. Optic neuropathy is a state of loss of eye sight due to damage to the nerve cells of the eye to the brain. This problem is particularly serious because it can lead to blindness.

5. Try not rubbed his eyes

To have healthy eyes avoided rubbed his eyes with your hands. The problem arises because rubbed his eyes for a long time can suppress eyelid.

Additionally, rubbed his eyes also allow the glaucoma disease unknowingly. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye due to the fluid pressure within the eyeball becomes too high, thus damaging the soft fibers of the optic nerve that carries visual signals from the eye to the brain. This is what causes glaucoma can't be cured, and if it has entered the stage of severe it can cause blindness.

Perhaps the impact is lighter than rubbed his eyes in addition to glaucoma is the myopia. Myopia is a disease that causes nearsightedness can't see objects at close range. This is because the eyes can't focus incoming light on the retina area.

When you rubbed his eyes, the corneas will often experience thinning as well. If durability is getting weaker, the cornea can lead to infection. Even from this rubbed his eyes you can leave the cornea fine line that causes the cornea no longer clear. It will make your vision will be blurred area. Therefore, avoid rubbing the eyes when you feel there is a problem in the eye.

6. Avoid wearing contact lenses

For women wearing contact lenses could be said to be a form of fashion. So do not be surprised if among them often change color contact lenses. Moreover, the use of contact lenses can be said to be easily and quickly just need a few minutes.

Unfortunately the use of contact lenses often creates new problems. Contact lenses cover the eye area in part so that the fluid inside the eye can't wet the entire surface of the eyelid. Consequently, eyes feel dry, itchy and sometimes followed by the pain. If you wish to have a healthy eye is not a smart choice to use the lens of the eye. The better your confidence with eyes that God bestowed on you and do not force yourself to look good at the expense of the health of your eyes.

7. Break working at a computer after tired eyes

Apart from all the activities that you do in front of a computer every day try not too often impose excessive working eye. If your eyes feel tired, then you should have a short break.

Ray radiation of computer, laptop, or mobile phones often make the vision is impaired. As a result, the state of red eyes, dry eyes or watery eyes are common. If no immediate preventive measures, then I'm afraid that will happen minus eye.

Apart from all the activities that you do in front of a computer every day try not too often impose excessive working eye. If your eyes feel tired, then you should have a short break.

Ray radiation of computer, laptop, or mobile phones often make the vision is impaired. As a result, the state of red eyes, dry eyes or watery eyes are common. If no immediate preventive measures, then I'm afraid that your eyes will be myopic.

8. Consumption of foods that are good for the eyes

To avoid disruptions in the eyes of many kinds of nutrients to the eye is needed. Food is very important to strengthen the power of vision in the long-term. So fill some types of foods that are healthy for your eyes to the list of food every day.

There are several types of food that are good for your eye health, including carrots are rich in beta carotene. Or garlic contains selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B1, quercetin, and glutathione. Garlic is very helpful to protect the eye lens from free radicals such as UV rays.

Try also eggs that contain lutein, B12, vitamin D, vitamin A, zeaxanthin and cysteine. As for lutein and zeaxanthin contained in the egg white can be said to be the best antioxidant that can prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. Avocados also contain lutein. Cabbage and broccoli also contain lutein and zeaxanthin so worthy of being your daily vegetables. Another option is a very good tomato to maintain eye health because they contain vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene.

Good news for those of you who like the chocolate. This is because they contain substances of flavonoids in charge of protecting the blood vessels in the eye so that it can strengthen the cornea and retina. Also, you can consume strawberries, salmon, grapes, papaya, grapefruit, pomegranate juice or fruit juice kiwi.

9. Balance the look close to see far

Organ eye is an organ that is extremely sensitive so you must be careful in keeping and maintaining them. An easy way to keep your eye health is to balance the power of vision with objects near and far objects.

This is very important because many cases the occurrence of nearsightedness and farsightedness because the habit of seeing an object excessively. Just look at people who worked as a driver it is possible she has difficulty seeing objects at close range even though only in the mild stage. So also with people who are often working in front of computers or often read a book then it is possible he suffered symptoms of myopia.

Therefore, the balance of your eye to see objects close to distant objects. Although only briefly done on the sidelines of your activities then it is strongly recommended in order to have healthy eyes naturally.

10. Sleep with the lights off

In order to get quality sleep state then turn off the lights to be one factor. This is because sleeping with the lights on still leaves a light that can be responded by eyelids so that the eye nerve is not really rest properly.

Therefore, start the habit of sleeping with the lights off so that no light penetrates to the eyelid. Thus. the work of recovery of optic nerve cells can be made until dawn.

11. Eye Mask with fruit or vegetables

Having healthy eyes need care from the inside and from the outside. Treatment of we have discussed before by consuming foods that are good for the eyes. Even so it would be better if you make eye care from the outside as well. Treatment from the outside could do with wearing a mask fruit. There was a variety of fruit is good for the health of your eyes. Among cucumber, carrot, potato, papaya, banana or mango.

Mask fruits can relax the muscles around the eyes. In addition, the mask of fruit can lower the temperature of the eyelid due to overexertion. This is what makes the mask of fruit or vegetables can be a good and healthy habits. So what are you waiting for?

12. Wearing sunglasses

For those of you who frequent outdoor activities because of work then you should use sunglasses as a protective eye. Sunglasses serve to protect the eyes from various eye disorders caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays. Can be said to be one of the biggest factors associated with cataracts in the eye is the UV rays. In addition to UV rays can cause pterygium (tissue such as fibers arising in the white part of the eye),

Pinguecula (yellow bumps on a thin membrane on the white of the eyes), red eyes, eye pain and watery, swollen eyes, until the headache.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to wear sunglasses when outdoors activities. Perhaps you would be considered excessive, but in order to maintain the health of your eyes does not think about what people are saying.Even so choose sunglasses that actually have 100% protection against the effects of UV rays.

13. Perform routine eye check

The final step to get a healthy eye is the eye examination to the medical experts (ophthalmologist). With eye check then you can know the latest condition of the eye. If there are problems or eye disorder that can immediately know and can do the treatment steps.

For investigation into the doctor should do 2-3 years. Even so if you have a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or have a family history of the disease from the examination once a year is highly recommended. Especially if you have been feeling the heat of the eyelids, tension or fatigue then consulting a doctor is the best way to handle your eye health complaints.

In conclusion, it is strange if you want a healthy eye while you are still in the habit triggers eye problems. Although seem trivial, but in fact some of the habits often have a negative impact on the health of the eye. Therefore, avoid eye irritation triggers habits and replace them with foods that are good for the eyes and perform various types of eye care. That way you can keep eyes so have healthy eyes.

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