6 Beware Causes of Really Bad Breath in Humans

Having bad breath fragrant is the desire of every person either women or men. How not to someone in the mouth is a means of interacting with others. That way confidence when interacting with others will last longer. So someone did various ways to prevent the onset of bad breath in a long time.

The problem is not everyone knows the cause of bad breath widely. As a result they do not take preventive measures so that the bad breath does not come. Indeed, for adults bad breath is a common thing. Even when waking from sleep most of the mouths of adults surely there are odors from the mouth.

Therefore, should you pay attention to various causes of constant bad breath. In this way you can estimate the steps to neutralize the odor.

6 Beware Causes of Really Bad Breath in Humans

Common cause of bad breath in humans

1. Poor oral hygiene

It is undeniable that the habit of brushing your teeth two times a day should be continued. If you can brush their teeth more than two times a day, it was better. When brushing your teeth should be all teeth, gums, tongue and palate with a toothpaste containing fluoride. With so conditions will keep your mouth healthy, clean and fresh.

Unfortunately when you finish eating will definitely leave leftovers are tucked in between the teeth. Sometimes there is also food scraps that are difficult to clean so gradually into plaques. The problem arises if the rest of the food interact with bacteria. In fact, the bacteria just love wet areas, moist and warm as on the sidelines of the teeth. When the rest of the food interact with bacteria that will produce sulfur compounds that smelled like rotten eggs.

It is a habit people eat every day is different. There are only three meals a day and there is also adding to eat the snacks. In this state, the course of dental hygiene will decrease gradually. To brush your teeth after eating is also not a good idea and healthy. In fact, it can damage tooth enamel gradually.

To poorly breath, you can rinse his mouth with water and eat fruits.

2. The body is dehydrated

Saliva has a cleaning function of bacteria in the mouth. In addition, saliva also maintain the cells in the mouth to keep it alive. Hence, the production of saliva, which balanced a sign of oral health.

The problem is when body fluids are not being met because of dehydration automatically the production of saliva decreases. If saliva production decreases, the cells in the mouth will be many dead. These dead cells that can cause of bad breath because it interacts with bacteria.

Therefore, do not let your body become dehydrated. You should consume 1.8 liters of water a day. However, if your activity requires extra energy for blue-collar workers, the consumption of water should be more. Thus, the production of saliva in your mouth under control.

As consideration also the consumption of green tea healthy. The anti-oxidants in green tea can change most of the sulfur compounds that cause of bad breath.

3. The habit of eating foods trigger bad breath

Trying to eliminate unpleasant mouth odor will be difficult when you are still eating onions. Red onion or garlic or onions that go into the body to be absorbed into the bloodstream during digestion. After that spread to other parts of the body organs, of one lung. As a result, the smell is inside exhaled out of the body through the esophagus either passing through the nose or mouth. Worse yet, in some cases the effects of the odor of garlic can last up to three days.

The fibrous foods can also cause of bad breath. This happens because fibrous foods containing methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen which will produce gas when digested. There is also a junk food which can bring unpleasant mouth odor because digestion have to work hard when processed. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking because it is the source of the problem of bad breath.

4. Gastric acid

Gastric acid or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a condition of acid re-flux to the esophagus, causing pain in the pit of the stomach area and was burning in the chest because the acid form of gas then flows back into the esophagus. Consequently, unpleasant mouth odor will come out and can't be avoided.

Likewise, if the hydrochloric acid in the stomach is reduced. Gastric acid is needed so that the digestive process can work well. Conversely, if the amount of acid in the stomach is not sufficient then the digestion process will be disrupted. As a result of food particles that flow to the intestine can't be described perfectly. So as to create odorless gas that flows into the esophagus. This can lead to bad mouth odor.

Gastric acid usually formed as a result of the food goes into the stomach. Therefore, reduce foods that trigger increased excessive stomach acid such as cheese, chocolate, onions, sugar, chilli, pepper, spaghetti and others. With so your gastric acid levels will be normal so bad breath can be reduced.

5. Sinus Infection

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavities in the bones of the face that is usually filled with air. The inflammation is caused by bacteria, virus,, mushrooms, or allergies. The result is a buildup of fluid in the sinus cavity and lacks oxygen. Besides resulting in decreased activity of the cilia fibers to cleanse the sinus cavity. Thus, becoming good bacteria growth media. As a result, bad breath will be created from it. Likewise with a throat infection or infection of the mouth (like thrush) that cause of bad breath.

To cope with sinus infection please consult with your doctor for a throat infection while you can rinse his mouth with salt water helps eliminate bacteria in the throat.

6. Cancer

In some cases it turns out cancer can also cause of bad breath. Cancer is meant is happening in the area of the nose, throat, ears and neck. For the cancer problem you have to go to the doctor to get proper treatment.

Apart from bad breath in humans is actually you do not need to worry in the face. Indeed, habits, food and health can affect oral and dental problems. But by recognizing a wide range of causes of bad breath you can easily handle it.

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