6 Reasons Women have a Body Fat Fears

To have a body fat for most women is a disaster. Even so it turns out the women also hate designation body fat even when they are proportionate. So do not be surprised if some women could be annoyed and angry when I heard it.

The problem most people have different assumptions about women's weight. How not, the body of a woman who obviously ideal to look fat by them. So it is not uncommon for an odd assumption that many women who are having problems with itself.

6 Reasons Women have a Body Fat Fears

The reason the woman is upset and annoyed if she hears him is said fat.

1. Bullying behavior got worse when fat

Nowadays bullying did not know the age or social status. In fact, they did not care about anymore. If the atmosphere alone may still be refrained because no one else is watching it, but what if your bullying behavior to occur when many people? This is what makes some people afraid bullied.

That situation could apply to anyone. But the terrible thing could apply to women who are overweight. Overweight women can make a weapon that pierced bullied by heart and feeling. So do not be surprised if the women are afraid to have body fat.

2. The assumption that after the fat is difficult to lose weight

When talking about overcoming weight then that comes to mind the women are on a diet. With their diets hoping to lose weight and gain weight.

The problem women often choose how fast diet to reduce food intake. Though the food consumed nutrients are needed by the body. This is what makes the diet program does not run smoothly. How to succeed if after a few days on a diet of food must be checked to the doctor because of the nutrients the body needs are not met.

With this situation, so assuming the weight loss was difficult to be realized by the women. Not to mention if you like the snacks it can be said obtaining ideal body weight is a mere dream.

3. Myth find a mate for obese women hard

In fact the majority of men prefer women with a slim body because with it they'd seen the woman in a perfect state. Therefore, women should be extra attention to the weight it has. With so women wish that men would feel amazed and excited when they see it.

Unfortunately this does happen it will be difficult for women who have excess weight. Although there remains a man who likely would marry her. But it is undeniable that the hopes of getting boys dream just a dream. Yet, when a woman can't have a partner with a man she loved so her feelings will be destroyed. So the body fat into the most frightening specter for women.

4. Difficulties find size clothes

One hobby lady is going to the mall for shopping and one of the goal is to look for a new outfit. They can go to the mall every weekend.

The problem is not all good clothes size dress or skirt is available in the mall. What if it happens when you have found a nice underwear model. Even if you want to buy, but if the body does not fit how?

Find clothes that others may not be suitable. In this state, the last resort is to order the appropriate body size. Imagine how complicated the search for clothing sizes for women fat? Therefore, deserve the women do not like the body fat.

5. Reduce romance couples

One of the joys of women are able to be picked up by her boyfriend. How not to be picked up women will feel pampered and taken seriously. For this course you need to have an ideal body weight so that your lover is not exhausted because if exhausted men do not have time to think romantic. If you are overweight, then your lover will think two times before taking steps to carry you.

6. Most of the work refused fat woman

Now these jobs for women booming kept open while jobs for men wane. This is not strange considering famous women more meticulous in his work and more fun while communicating.

Of course this will not apply to obese women. Even some employees refuse work obese women. Besides hard to indulge obese women also tend to be lazy. Therefore, hardly any secretarial job weight women is not ideal. Even to become a model weight is calculated. This is what causes women to feel pessimistic even though they have the intelligence.

In conclusion, there is no prohibition to overweight. But certainly it was not the desire of every woman. Therefore, I can understand why women are afraid if overweight (obesity).

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