7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

It is interesting when discussing problems that cause acne. How not, acne problems arise not only because of the age factor. But more than that the food consumed could also cause acne.

Regardless of the type of food that is actually there are great benefits contained therein. You are allowed to consume any type of food in the house or in the supermarket. In fact, maybe you should consume more while convalescing.

Unfortunately, when faced with the problem of acne is not all the food you consume is good and healthy skin. There are several types of foods that actually trigger acne. Indeed, acne is not a serious illness, but because it is self-confidence can be decreased dramatically.

The good news is you do not bother to consult a dermatologist with expensive fees. You also need not prove it by taking it directly.

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

List of foods and beverages that cause acne

1. Foods with high sugar content

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

A strange thing when you expect the face clean and free from acne while you are fond of eating high sugar levels. It is natural sugar found in most foods including fruits. However, because of the sugar content in fruit is natural then there are other ingredients as a counterweight. This means that the negative effects of sugar in the fruit can be neutralized by other substances in fruit. So do not be strange if the habit of eating fruit does not cause acne.

However, different if you eat foods with high sugar content. Granulated sugar is a food that is widely used for sweetening beverages. The problem of excessive sugar consumption can lower the immune system to a bacterial infection. Besides sugar can interfere with the absorption of calcium and magnesium, which is a very important mineral for the skin. Even sugar can cause loss of elasticity in the skin tissue.

Meanwhile, when the blood sugar levels have risen it will affect the hormonal conditions that essentially interfere with the function of oil glands in the skin surface. This is what makes worthy sugar foods cause acne. Among the foods that contain a lot of sugar is sugar, candy, soda, chocolate, ice-cream and cereal.

2. Foods containing oil

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

Some people love fried foods including fried chicken, french fries, and others. However, not a wise choice if you are pimply keeping eating those foods. The reality of fried foods contain oils that can trigger and exacerbate acne.

This occurs because the foods that contain a lot of oil to make the body use to form new skin cells. When the amount of fat have accumulated in the body, it will form a pocket of oil that will eventually come out through the pores of the skin. In these circumstances the dirt will easily stick to the skin because it contains oil. If an infection of the skin occurs, then the acne will appear immediately.

3. Spicy food

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

For those of you who have a love of spicy food is a good idea to be careful when already there are signs of acne. Spicy foods can cause disorders of the digestive tract. Moreover, it can trigger excessive increase in blood circulation to the skin.

When that happens it can cause skin redness. Moreover, it can lead to inflammation of the skin. If this problem persists, then it will be difficult to avoid skin infections and encourage the emergence of new pimples.

4. Milk (food or drink)

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

It is inevitable that milk contains nutrients that are good for health. Even so the consumption of food or beverages containing milk in excess tends to increase the fat in the body. The fat will change the level of insulin in the blood, causing increased activity of the hormone.

The problem of hormones would be broken down into DHT (dihdrotestosteron) that can trigger acne. Therefore, for those of you who do not want to have acne prone skin should avoid foods or drinks that contain milk for a while. Among the types of food and drinks are cheese, yogurt, chocolate or ice-cream.

5. Caffeine

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

Drinks such as coffee or tea is often the choice of drinks after breakfast or dinner. This is not surprising given coffee or tea to give the sensation of different races in the mouth and body. In addition, some people also like carbonated beverages like soda.

Unfortunately, the content of caffeine in coffee, tea and carbonated drinks can stimulate the adrenal glands. If consumed in excess can trigger stress when the stress in certain circumstances is a cause of acne.

If you include people who like to smoke or drink alcohol you should get rid of this habit. In fact, people who smoke and drink alcohol have a pattern that is uneven and vulnerable to acne large.

6. Nuts

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

Of some foods and drinks that cause acne experts believe that food legumes including major culprits. How not nuts contain a lot of fat that causes the skin is oily. This oil when interacting with dirt or dust can trigger acne.

Different types of nuts that you should avoid include peas, cashews, almonds and peanuts as well as dishes made from beans. Of nuts this turned peanuts into the cause of acne is most fatal. If you have sensitive skin types, the emergence of new pimples will be more and evenly to the face.

7. Various types of shellfish

7 Beware List of Foods and Beverages That Cause Acne

It is undeniable that the scallops contain nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. However, it turns out meals tend to be expensive type of shellfish that may have a negative impact on the skin if eaten every day for a long time.

Even seafood such as shrimp contains iodine that trigger acne. Nevertheless there is salmon that can replace the consumption of shellfish or crustaceans rich in omega three and secure against the skin.

In conclusion, regardless of the diversity of food and drink that is your home that does not mean you should take it any time. You had better be careful when dealing with different types of food and drinks on top. In any case foods and beverages that can cause acne.


  1. These foods not only cause acne, it is proven that their excess consumption is detrimental to health as a whole. We need to maintain a balanced diet to avoid health problems, because nowadays everyone is getting sick due to poor nutrition and consuming more and more drugs that are also harmful. The modern lifestyle causes acne and several other ills that we have to be aware of. I practice a natural food diet and have a balanced and healthy life.

  2. Actually there is no food and drink consumed in large quantities is always a positive impact on the body even if the well-known food and drink healthy. Best consumption as you convey that to maintain the balance of nutritional intake before it actually enters the body.


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