8 Danger Diseases Related to Obesity which Delivers you to the Hospital

What is your weight now?

Do you feel comfortable with the weight?

How do you carry out daily activities?

Does your family also are overweight?

Here are some questions that commonly comes to people who have excess weight.

Stout was the state's most avoided everyone. How can the state do not result in difficult to indulge completely. Moreover, if one refers to fat in the body, then obesity becomes a fertile field of various diseases.

The reality tends to reduce the fat people. This is because fat people easy to experience fatigue. So do not be surprised if obese people have a habit of sitting watching TV while eating.

Not to mention it comes to romance for fat people.

It is undeniable that obese people would have been difficult to get a spouse who has the ideal body. If anything could happen there are usually other factors that influence such as intelligence, personality, or wealth.

Long before that obesity has reduced confidence when out of the house. So the happiest thing for an obese person is in the house.

Apart from the adverse effects of weight is actually no health problems that could arise due to obesity.

8 Danger Diseases Related to Obesity which Delivers you to the Hospital

Diseases that could potentially arise due to obesity

1. Diabetes

For those of you who are overweight should be careful with the condition of the body. Basically everyone there is a possibility of diabetes. However, obese people have a risk four times greater.

Obesity tends to interfere with the production of insulin produced by the pancreas. As a result, the cells in the body absorb glucose to be not optimal.

Because insulin becomes ineffective, the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin. The problem is when the ability of the pancreas continues to decline, the risk of developing type two diabetes will be even greater.

Dr. Ngai Wah Cheung, The University of Sydney, Australia said: "Obesity as a result of overeating makes insulin does not work properly and can raise blood sugar levels in the body".

The symptoms often experienced by obese people with type 2, including

1. Easy thirst and fatigue

2. Easy to experience dizziness

3. Frequent urination, especially at night

4. The mouth feels dry

5. There was an infection of the skin, such as boils6. Vision becomes blurred7. Feeling itching and infection in the vagina or penis

Those are some symptoms that are often experienced by obese individuals with type 2.

2. Cancer

Because of the activities carried out by an obese person is very low then do not be surprised if it causes an unstable condition of the body. As a result of various diseases easily come among the most dangerous is cancer.

Cancer usually arise due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns. In this case, a lot of possibilities that may occur due to obesity cancer include:

A. Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is a malignant disease that attacks the intestine due to cancer cell growth. Development of colon cancer can be said to be difficult to realize by the sufferer. How cancer cells do not initially benign polyps and the only form (fast-growing cells) when it was still an early stage.

However, you if it has lasted for a long time, then the cell will become malignant and ultimately positive colon cancer.

The common symptoms experienced by patients with colon cancer include:
1. Constipation

2. Feeling bloated and tense

3. Discharge of blood from the anus or rectum

4. Stool sometimes becomes hard or vice versa

5. Stools out with blood and mucus

Therefore, the schedule set by your body each week to reduce weight. When you exercise it will stimulate peristalsis in the intestine so that the behavior of malignant cells in the intestine can be reduced.

B. Breast cancer

When you exercise your body will produce the hormone testosterone and endorphin. This hormone is able to scrape the fat effectively it also can suppress the hormones that accelerate the onset of cancer. Even for women an increase in testosterone can control the hormone estrogen that is very sensitive trigger cancer cells.

Symptoms of breast cancer include

1. Liquid out or bleeding nipples

2. There is a lump in the breast that did not ache

3. There was an itch and rash at around the nipple

4. There wrinkles on the skin of the breast

5. Swelling of the breast skin to thicken

6. Putting into not stand

According to a nutritionist Kathy Chapman of The Cancer Council NSW said that obesity is a major factor in the occurrence of bowel cancer and menopausal age women. So, to say that this is bad news that is worried about the elderly woman.

C. Cervical cancer

Other cancers are also dangerous for women because obesity is a cancer of the uterus. How harmless, this cancer attacks the cells that form the lining of the uterus (endometrium). Even cancer can form uterine sarcoma. This is because the muscles in the surrounding uterus is frequently attacked.

D. Gallbladder cancer

Gallbladder cancer also included malignant diseases caused by obesity. The disease is characterized by the growth of the cells of the gallbladder. The role of the gall bladder has a major role in the human body as it serves stores bile that is a fluid that helps break down and absorb fat in the body that is the result of the liver.

Symptoms that may occur:

1. Abdominal pain, usually in the upper right abdomen

2. Feeling itchy

3. Flatulence

4. Decreased appetite

5. Feeling sick when eating

6. The skin yellowing

E. Cancer of the esophagus

Esophagus cancer is the term for cancer of the esophagus. You could say this cancer is quite awful for the sufferer. How not, esophageal cancer attacks the esophageal tissue cells with a lethal tumor.

Indeed, this type of cancer of the esophagus four kinds. Even so the most common cancer in humans is carcinoma squamous cell.

At least there are a few symptoms that can be identified from these cancers among

1. There could even oddities in the throat choking when swallowing food.

2. Not quite up they are alone when ingesting the chest feels heat followed by pain as interested.

In fact, obesity can lead to other types of cancer is pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer.

3. Heart Disease

One impact is terrible for people with obesity is a deadly heart attack. This is not strange considering obese individuals tend to crash the heart pump so that the heart function decreased.

Circumstances which continue to accumulate fat and not burn can cover the blood vessels to the heart so that blood circulation becomes clogged.

At least no symptoms of heart disease as a warning, among others:

1. Pain in the gut

2. The pulse weakened

3. Feeling pain in the chest area as depressed something

4. The pain spreads to the neck to choke and to the left arm

5. Sweat easily came out quickly and many

Even in some cases those weighing over 100 kg can die of a heart attack when he has never had any complaints in the heart organ. So, for those of you overweight to be careful if you have the above symptoms.

4. Hypertension

Problems can arise because of obesity hypertension that is not soon be overcome. Consumption of foods containing fat and cholesterol and even trigger the largest increase in the risk of hypertension.

When weight is difficult lowered the heart work harder to pump blood. When the blood vessel has clogged it allows the blood pressure to rise. This is what makes the hypertension have a close relationship with the problem of obesity.

Most of the symptoms experienced by patients with hypertension:

1. Easy to feel dizziness and headache

2. Sometimes emerged bleeding (bleeding from the nose)

3. Easily tired because of the activities

4. Feeling stiff and uncomfortable

5. Moving fast heartbeat and palpitations

6. Ear buzzing

7. Vision becomes blurred

In this state, should reduce foods that contain high levels of fat and cholesterol.

5. Stroke

When blood circulation is clogged and the concomitant rise in blood pressure that can progress to a terminal illness. Not to mention the complications of high cholesterol foods that trigger the body's metabolism weakening against this dangerous disease.

In fact the chances of developing a stroke pain for sufferers of obesity is greater than in those with a proportionate body. Obesity can be said to create opportunities diseases attack the body with a frontal.

Among the symptoms of stroke:

1. Weakening of motor function in the majority side of the body so that the organs such as the hands, feet, mouth difficult to move.

2. The reduced sensory abilities so that the ability of blurred vision

3. Sometimes headaches suddenly

4. Easy nausea and vomiting due to increased pressure in the head to stimulate the receptors nausea.

6. Osteoarthritis

When overweight then exposed the greater the inflammation of joints. This is because the fat in the body forcing the bone sustain a heavier load. As a result of joint fluid can't offset the joint part because production is depleted more quickly.

When that happens, the inflammation of joints begin unbearable. So no wonder when the pain is difficult to avoid even getting sick again because of the activities that accumulate every day.

Inflammation of the joints between the cantilever body felt the most is the area of the foot, knee, back. Moreover, if obesity was categorized as severe, then the backbone will support load of up to 3-fold the risk of pain is certainly more remarkable.

The most severe impact in case of tears in the joint cartilage. Although naturally the body's systems can reduce and improve it, but if it happens constantly and spread in the body of the tear in the joints will be severe.

7. Brain Disorders

The brain is one of the most important organs for human beings and should be a serious concern.

The problem in Scientificamerican.com, Stories by My Health News Daily said that obesity is harmful to the human brain. Among them:

1. Addiction meal, obese people tend to automatically change your diet. In this case, the brains do not feel satisfied by sweet and fatty foods.

2. Change the performance of the immune system, when the risk of inflammation begins to rise then the inflammation affects the brain. Additionally volatile mood.

3. Dementia, a condition that makes the body and mind easily stressed. Even in the case of dementia due to brain size can shrink belly fat.

8. Fertility

Of all the above diseases on fertility disease becomes the most steals a woman's attention. How not, fertility is the most beautiful gift for the women so they can get pregnant.

Nevertheless due to obesity, the level of insulin and testosterone becomes higher. This is what can affect fertility in women.

Especially if they do excessive exercise, then hormones can actually unstable. When the hormone testosterone to grow slowly turns reduces the hormones estrogen.

Words surprising coming from Professor Rob Norman, Fertility Specialist, University of Adelaide, Australia that obese women also have difficulty conceiving.

In conclusion, in fact before the disease over the impact of the poor often complained of overweight. Among them, snore because of respiratory problems. Nevertheless it can be said eight of the above diseases the most dangerous and threatening the health of people with obesity. Therefore, do lifestyle and a healthy diet so that your health is maintained.

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