9 Habits Obesity Prevention Strategies Frequently Ignored

Amid a lot of people who are overweight you certainly do not want to be one of them, then how obesity prevention strategy with the right habits?

Trying to do the diet is not the right choice because you have to limit some of the food that is sometimes good for health. Especially if you are an office worker, then restrict foods can make concentration decreased work.

Basically, a person's weight is determined by the balance of the amount of calories in and calories going out. If the number of calories in the body much, then it should have to indulge more to lower it. However, if the amount of activity you are not too draining the excessive consumption of foods will make you gain weight.

Nevertheless, no other thing that the cause of the increased weight. Therefore, take preventive measures is better than doing a weight loss program that sometimes horrific and painful.

9 Habits Obesity Prevention Strategies Frequently Ignored

Tips and strategies to prevent childhood obesity

1. Drinking water before meals

Basically, in addition to food and drinks the body also requires air to maintain a healthy body, in this case drinking water before meals is a precautionary measure effective weight loss, why?

When you drink water before eating, the stomach will naturally respond to satiety. So it is possible the consumption of food that goes afterwards would be less. Thus, the stomach does not have to overstretch because the amount of food Yanga in too much. However, although water can be filling, but it does not make you gain weight.

2. Do not avoid breakfast

Some people think that the occurrence of obesity is to have a habit of breakfast in the morning. You should not immediately believe in it because the reality speaks another. Breakfast is needed by the body because it serves food to improve memory and prevent starvation.

Perhaps you will say not hungry when the mornings, but rest assured that after 2-3 hours you will be hungry. If you have not time for lunch how, if you provide snacks as a snack? If the snack becomes a habit, then it is not likely you will always be a glut. Consequently, you can't prevent the occurrence of obesity.

Therefore, do not avoid breakfast in the morning and you do not have to eat rice with large portions, but enough two pieces of bread instead. Also, do not forget low-fat milk as a beverage cover.

3. Adjust the size of the meal with activity

Before you eat, identify in advance the type of activity that you do. If your activities to further optimize power as a laborer, then please eaten in larger amounts. This is because the number of calories the food intake of calories to be balanced with the food that will come out. Meanwhile, if you will indulge by optimizing the workings of the brain then serving less food, but healthy is strongly recommended.

Although a bit you have to be smart in choosing foods. Keep your consumption of foods that will meet the needs of the body properly. Consider the amount of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and others. So that these needs can help you when activity.

4. Choose the right foods

In relation to avoid weight gain it doesn't complete if it did not include the type of food. In essence, all the food was good, but if it raised the question of preventing obesity, then not all the food is good and right.

Among the existing food pick-protein and high in fiber. Protein can trigger satiety longer. Moreover, it can help the fat burning process in the body. Among the types of foods that contain protein include egg whites, seafood, nuts, yogurt, cheese, soy and others.

While fiber foods tend to have a lower calorie count. So, you do not need strenuous activity to burn into energy. Among the foods that contain high fiber are vegetables, grains, nuts and others.

5. How to eat well

Actually you do not have to worry about different types of food that has the potential to promote weight loss. Provided you eat regularly, keep eating and knowing how to eat properly.

In certain circumstances you may not consume foods that led to obesity and has implemented appropriate food portions. Yet, still gain weight. What caused it?

The way you eat could be the cause. How to eat that is not as good as eating in a hurry so that the process is not perfect chew you should consider. Doing so allows the food nutrients can't be processed completely by the body into energy during activity. So that the nutrients will be stored in the body with a longer time. As a result, the weight can be increased.

6. Pay attention to your sleep

We recommend that you have enough sleep every night. Do not force yourself often work overtime or just stay up no purpose. When the sleep needs are not fulfilled then it will trigger an excessive appetite because the body will produce the hormone ghrelin.

In addition, time to sleep is not met also interfere with the body's metabolic system in relation to the nutrients into energy. As a result of these substances are not burned and accumulate in large quantities until it becomes fat. This can lead to rapid weight gain.

7. Avoid eating late night

Maybe you are wondering what to do eat late at night to gain weight.

Indeed, the dinner is needed by the body to maintain health. Especially for those of you who are sick or are under medical treatment so as to have decreased appetite. If you experience this, then select healthy foods that contain a lot of calories such as nuts, avocado, or cheese.

Even so note the time and number of dinners that will take. This is because most of the amount of calories will not be burned into energy is perfect when a certain time has passed. The result is a gradual accumulation of fat. This is what causes weight can be increased in a few weeks.

Therefore, try every day of your dinner about 7-8 o'clock. Avoid dinner after passing 9pm. It is important to remember the body will reduce the work becomes slower. The reason is clear cells in the body regenerate. If the process is interrupted, then surely your health will suffer.

8. Reduce sugary foods

Sweet foods tend to have a high amount of calories that are not safe for weight loss diet. Plus more sugary foods have little nutritional value is good for health. Indeed, sweet foods can provide greater energy than the calories or protein. The problem sugary foods also increase glucose in the body so it is not good for health. Thereby reducing foods and beverages that contain sugar to prevent obesity.

9. Active exercise

There is no doubt that sport be one effective way to lose weight. Even sports are very believed to help reduce the buildup of fat in the body. So do not be surprised if a lot of people with ideal weight often do exercise regularly.

To prevent obesity with exercise should be for adults aged 19-64 years of regularly do aerobic movements such as walking, cycling, running at least 150 minutes per week. However, if you can do sports more often, then it's better.

In conclusion, regardless of diet and lifestyle now you should pay attention to weight. Indeed, many programs that you can do to lose weight more easily and quickly. Some have even doing extreme dieting in order to lose weight even with bad consequences. Even so there is nothing better than prevention strategies. Therefore, do tips to prevent weight above and apply them in daily life. That way there is no risk to the health of your body.

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