Top 9 Things that Cause Cavities which Rarely Gets Attention people

Whoever you definitely do not want conditions cavities and wish teeth white, clean and healthy. How the situation is not promising ease of chewing food. Besides keeping the mouth of odors that can annoy your friends or lover. So do not be surprised if a clean and healthy teeth are strong reasons to believe themselves.

The problem though people know the danger has cavities that would still be indifferent. If only a slight color change may still be treated. But what if the tooth has gained barrage of bacteria that make acid. Then, the infection will soon you feel because the acid is gnawing teeth. If not treated immediately, the serious tooth decay is not inevitable. If it continues, your teeth will be released.

Therefore, it does not hurt you pay attention to the sick person cavities. See what happens after they check to the dentist. That way you can take precautions after finding out the cause. It is important for the health of your teeth.

Top 9 Things that Cause Cavities which Rarely Gets Attention people

Things that cause cavities

1. Consumption of sweet foods

For those of you who like to consume sweet foods should seriously consider the condition of the teeth. In fact, the sweet food that goes into your mouth will be broken down by bacteria to become acidic. When these acids are attached to the enamel of your teeth then slowly and surely dental erosion will occur.

Perhaps you think to stay away from food candy, but you should also know that foods containing sugar are not just candy. There are still a lot of sweet foods you should avoid them sweet cakes, soda, sweet tea and others.

But if you can't avoid it then extra care of the teeth should be done because in some cases sugary foods can also lead to other diseases such as increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and blood pressure increases.

2. Consumption of acidic foods

In addition to sweet foods that cause cavities are acidic foods. Indeed, acidic foods does not directly cause the loss of your teeth. But considering this issue acidic foods actually disrupt the process of disposing of mineral teeth faster. This is what triggered dental erosion.

There are some foods that contain very high acid include carbonated drinks, fruit juice, vinegar and others. Therefore, reduce your food consumption with acidic foods.

3. Poor oral hygiene

In relation to the problem of tooth decay it is not complete if it does not involve oral hygiene. How no one cause of tooth loss is to stack the bacteria in the mouth that makes food waste becomes acidic. This acid if it continues to stick to tooth enamel it can cause erosion of the enamel.

So do not carelessly treat your mouth. The first thing you should do is brushing teeth at least two times a day. Keep toothpaste that contains fluoride because fluoride works to restore the minerals in teeth lost due to acid derived from bacterial plaque and sugar. Nevertheless it turns out most people assessing the fluoride in toothpaste is causing harm. Also, use toothpaste that is flexible and soft hair brush that can reach the entire surface of the tooth and do not cause pain.

4. Dry mouth

Dry mouth condition is a serious problem for dental health. This is apparent from the reduced production of saliva in the mouth. Basically saliva serves to prevent a layer of dry mouth, maintaining healthy teeth and mouth of caries, neutralize acids from food and beverages, destroy or prevent growth of certain fungi, canker sores and other oral diseases. However, because the production of saliva is not normal then the acid in the mouth would be difficult to control. As a result of the acid attacks the surface of the teeth and erode slowly.

The reduced production of saliva can be caused by the amount of consumption of water you drink, causing dehydration. However, there are other factors that can trigger such genes, mastication, time (production of saliva decreases when the evenings), stimulation by the senses of smell and sight. In addition, biggest factor could also come from some types of drugs such as radiation therapy and disease Sjögren's syndrome makes the secretion of saliva.

To prevent the danger of dry mouth that is not getting worse then you should consult your dentist and oral. After all, there are still dangers and diseases that could arise due to dry mouth. So, do not wait for the diseases of the mouth when you go to the doctor.

5. Smoking

A study indicates that cigarette contains 7000 different compounds that are largely toxins that are dangerous to health. Perhaps you often hear smoking causes various diseases that attack the lungs, liver, heart and fetuses of pregnant women. This is not strange considering smoke contains carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, hydrogen cyanide, nitric oxide, chromium, benzopiren, acetaldehyde and acrolein.

So not strange these substances can affect the production of saliva in the mouth Airl. Of course this is not encouraging news for the teeth. When saliva production decreases then the tooth will have a very low resistance to acids. This is what causes the teeth easily perforated.

6. Consuming alcohol

Alcohol is a drink that is not healthy. How not people who are drinking alcohol will slowly lose consciousness due to drunkenness. Besides alcohol also damages the circulatory system flowing to the brain. So do not be surprised if drinking alcohol is not recommended by health experts.

Problems with teeth can also be caused by alcohol consumption can damage tooth enamel. Whereas the tooth enamel is the outermost part which keeps the tooth dental conditions remain strong. If the tooth enamel continue undisturbed by alcohol, then the likelihood of tooth loss will be difficult to avoid.

Therefore, for those of you who like to consume alcohol to soon stop this habit. That way you do not have the risk of disease or health problem that makes you can't chew solid food.

7. Genetic or hereditary factors

Various conditions of a person's body is often closely associated with genetic factors. Some people think that genetic factors only effect the hair color, height, skin color, and others. However, it turns out genetic factors also affect dental health. How did it happen?

Maybe you've heard of the condition of sensitive teeth that make it difficult to interact with most of the food due to genetic factors could affect the condition of the tooth enamel. When finished eating acidic food type is not uncommon teeth feel a sense of pain is unbearable. Even to eat food that was not the problem could trigger a sense of pain is more severe.

If you have a condition that tends to be sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist. Maybe there are some things that should not be done because it can lead to tooth loss.

8. Age

University of Illinois conducted a study related to the saliva and the result was very surprising. How the study did not mention that the baby's saliva contains a number of bacteria that cause cavities in early childhood (ECC). So do not be surprised if the kids who likes to consume a lot of sugar candies have brittle teeth, especially the front teeth.

Fortunately, teeth in children can grow again if released. So, it's not excessively worried parents.

Nonetheless introduction on how to brush your teeth properly and regularly remains to be done in children. Tell also told them about the types of foods that trigger brittle teeth faster like, candy sugar. That way they know how to care for and keep the teeth in order to remain healthy and clean.

9. The habit of eating snacks

The habit of eating snacks people can't be banned. However, you should know that the consumption of snacks can lead to obesity. In addition, it has also become a problem in the teeth if you do not pay attention to the amount and types of food.

In order to maintain the condition of the teeth remains strong then the food becomes an important factor. The problem for those of you who like to eat snacks tend to overlook it. Regardless of the type of snacks you eat actually in it contains acid. If you frequently consume every day, then unconsciously you continue to wet the surface of the teeth with acid. If this is accompanied by the decrease in saliva production, the erosion of tooth enamel will happen.

In conclusion, regardless of your desire to have clean teeth, white, healthy and strong, but if you do not know the cause of the tooth is porous, all is not going to be easy. Therefore, recognize nine that cause cavities above. With so your teeth will be well maintained and safe from trouble.

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