6 Dangerous Effects of Fast Food on Health that Terrible

Enjoying fast food culture has become today. How not, ease a lot to be gained from it, especially for those of you who can't cook. Even for employees or office workers fast becoming an alternative dishes they enjoy life. So do not be surprised if they often buy pizza, burgers, instant noodles, and others. Consequently, they are forgotten by fast food hazard to health.

Perhaps you have heard the newspaper notifying adverse effects that arise because of fast food. Indeed, disease does not appear immediately as you eat a fast food. However, that does not mean you ignore the danger of this type of food.

Went with low knowledge can cause you to regret. Even some people feel depressed because of her illness. So it is not uncommon to many people who can't wait and ended his life. Therefore, do not underestimate any food that enters the body. Look carefully at the content of substances contained in these foods that you can consume in an amount that does not interfere with the performance of the organs.

Dangerous Effects of Fast Food on Health that Terrible

The dangers of fast food for health

1. Triggering the risk of diabetes

The first thing that makes fast food harmful to health is that it can increase the risk of diabetes. Indeed, the real diabetes have little chance cause death. Certainly not like a heart attack or stroke. The problem for those of you who diabetics will experience chronic levels of physical and psychological torture. Of course this will take a long time so that the sufferer feel extremely exhausted.

The reality behind the pleasures of fast food it contains calories and saturated fat in high levels. Whereas this situation is capable of causing insulin resistance. Did you know that insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a state of the cells in the body that can't respond to insulin properly. As a result, the absorption of sugar or glucose is not going well or disturbed even in certain circumstances can cause a failure in absorption. Worse if the sugar buildup occurs in the bloodstream, the risk of diabetes is not inevitable.

It could be said diabetes is not a disease that is fun. Unfortunately some people feel indifferent to this problem because the delicious fast food. Nonetheless, dangers arising from these foods should not be underestimated.

Just imagine if you have been exposed to the disease diabetes. You will be confronted with the condition should avoid some kinds of scrumptious food to maintain the stability of glucose in the body. Of course this is a problem because the money you have can't be happy living needs.

Because that always consider the fast food you consume. Avoid consuming large meals so that your stomach full. In fact, it is highly recommended you do not consume it every day.

Additionally start with healthy lifestyle habits such as by exercise and adequate rest and regular. That way you can reduce the risk of womb fast food that enters the body.

2. Trigger High Blood Pressure

The core of fast food is that it can be cooked in a short time. So the use of herbs to be very important in this process. Therefore, seasoning should have a high taste. Of course, there are types of condiments should be strengthened such as salt, pepper. It could even be the salt used has a high concentration.

Apart from this, you should know that the salt in fast food can increase high blood pressure. This happens because salt contains sodium. Of course the problem will arise when sodium levels in your blood continues to increase. The most obvious is renal disorders who are no longer able to process it properly. As a result, your blood volume will increase along with the properties of sodium which hold and attract water.

Basically I recognize that the use of salt will make the dishes become more delicious. However, when blood levels are high and can't be removed by the kidneys then regularly increasing blood volume.

The bad news this increase causes the heart to work harder to get blood to the entire body. When the heart beats faster, then the long run will turn into high blood pressure. This is bad for the effects of fast food lovers.

3. Triggering heart attack

Talking about fast food may not be released from the oil and fat content in it. Either way you look at your hand is likely to be bathed in oil either in bulk or just wet.

Of course, such a situation that makes cholesterol fast food to be very high. Though slowly cholesterol can lead to heart disease. This is because cholesterol can clog arteries if it has passed a certain limit. So do not be surprised if one day the situation can suddenly turn into a fatal heart attack. Even that is no less terrible when the blockage has caused a blood vessel in the brain bursts. As a result, you may experience symptoms of a stroke.

Therefore, try to reduce the appetite for fast food. It should be given the excessive appetite eating makes you unstable. Your family can cook healthy vegetables such as kale, collards, kale, cabbage and others.

4. Increase the Potential Cancer

One reason your right to avoid fast food is away from the problem of cancer. Cancer is a condition that is most frightening for the sufferer. Even the cancer rate varies from the lightest to the most chronic health effects.

In effect the fast food containing flavoring and bad fats that interfere with the body's health. The content will slowly increase as you eat these foods. Cancer is most often arise because this food is colon cancer.

I understand if you still find it difficult to leave the habit of eating fast food. However, do not wait for your new cancer disease began to realize.

So, what should be done to reduce it?

You can eat fruit and vegetables to boost immunity. Besides exercise can remove residual toxins through perspiration from the skin. However, no solution is truly effective unless you really reduce the share of fast food.

5. Triggering obesity

Most people would want that ideal and healthy body. Therefore, various diet programs have been undertaken to achieve these objectives.

The problem is a diet program that they do involve fast food. In fact, a study by Professor Tim Spector in his book "The Diet Myth" actually has another view of the fast food.

Basically, the human gut has a good species of microbes and bacteria that are essential to the body. Both of these have the responsibility to produce chemical compounds and enzymes that digest food. However, due to the influence of fast food consumed enter the intestines so good microbes and bacteria will be reduced.

Even if the fast food consumed in excess in order to eliminate both of these up to 50 per cent. And to return the number of good microbes and bacteria will not be achieved in the near future. Of course, this becomes a serious problem for the body.

Furthermore the content of antibiotics in fast food turned out to be the underlying cause of obesity. Antibiotics that affect the way the intestines to digest food. So, to say fast food reduces the amount of microbes and bacteria that essentially prevents obesity.

6. Trigger liver damage

Maybe you see that obesity is a serious problem of the influence of fast food. However, there are other things more terrifying to health, what is it? Liver damage.

Fast food tends to be bad for health. Consumption of fast food two times a day had an average of 5000 calories.

It is undeniable that the liver function helps destroy fat into energy. The problem is when the present high levels of fat, the liver cells must try harder to damage the fat. If in this case the cell of the heart is not strong then liver damage can't be avoided anymore. Therefore, eliminate dependence on fast food is the best way.

In conclusion, behind the ease and deliciousness of fast food that you enjoy a good idea to keep health-conscious. Going to the doctor is an easy way to solve health problems. However, not a thing that is encouraging if you are experiencing one of the six dangers of fast food you consume.

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