7 Beware Causes of Sensitive Skin Suddenly you can be Shocked

One type of human skin is sensitive skin. It is not unusual that people have sensitive skin types. However, not a good thing too, if you ignore the cause of this skin type. How not, this type of skin tend to be vulnerable to changes in weather or temperature. Even more worrisome if skin allergies to cosmetics. Whereas cosmetics for women is a lifestyle that is hard left.

Unfortunately not everyone can respond to the cause of sensitive skin properly. This is evidenced by the many activities that damage the skin. Indeed, in general it does not cause skin you are seriously ill or something, but with the condition of sensitive skin make sure there is a case that you need a break.

On this there is no reason for you to go from knowledge of the causes of sensitive skin. That way you can avoid activities which allow the skin to experience health problems.

7 Beware Causes of Sensitive Skin Suddenly you can be Shocked

Causes of sensitive skin

1. The state of hormonal imbalance

In fact owned by the human hormone serves to maintain a healthy body. There is a wide variety of skin-related hormones, including thyroid hormone, testosterone, and estrogen.

Thyroid hormones affect your skin's appearance. Too much thyroid hormone can cause a smooth, warm, flushed skin and sweaty. Whereas when an under active thyroid hormone, it can lead to dry skin, coarse thickening of the skin with reduced ability to sweat.

While testosterone serves to stimulate sebum (oil) glands that produce so that the skin can be protected with natural oils.

The hormone estrogen is also the biggest cause of skin sagging. So no wonder if the sudden drop in estrogen, the skin looks thin, loose and pale.

When all three of these hormones are not balanced then the problem becomes very open skin. This is what makes your skin becomes sensitive.

2. Chemicals

The cause of the next of sensitive skin is the interaction with chemicals.

Despite a series of skin care process already practice, but the use of chemicals remains a threat. How not, the range of products made from chemicals such as perfumes, makeup, cosmetic colorants (eye shadow, eyes liner) and others not infrequently contain harmful chemicals.

Moreover phtalates materials, glycolic or salicylic acids that trigger serious skin problems.

It is undeniable that various companies have provided the claim that their products are safe for the skin and the human body. However, it would not hurt you to be careful before buying and using it to your skin.

Because the skin of the human condition is different then there is likely a reaction to the skin will also vary. In others it may be safe to use, but for those of you who have sensitive skin would have to pass serious consideration. Even if possible, please consult with a dermatologist so that potential dangerous skin diseases (including skin cancer) can be avoided.

3. Changes in climate or temperature fluctuations

Unfortunately this situation is not good for the skin health. At any rate uncontrolled interaction makes the epidermal layer of the skin is disturbed and damaged. In fact, this involves the second layer of skin effect on the overall condition of your skin.

4. Food and nutrition

Turns out the food and nutrition into the body also affects the skin. Poor diet and nutrition for the skin that are not fulfilled add clear their skin problems.

Moreover, if the daily activities of your busy exacerbating the situation. When that happens usually there are consequences to be faced by the skin. Maybe you will experience dry skin or oily.

Seeing the weather changes continued to alternate certainly makes changes in air temperature that exists. In this case, the air humidity affect the level of sebum (natural oil) on your skin. When the temperature is hot and humid, hot wind mixed with dust and bacteria, it will cause the skin surface is dirty, oily, dry and mild irritation.

Therefore, try to maintain the nutritional intake of any food you eat for the body. Ignoring this means that you are planning to make the skin loses its health. This is resulting in the skin becomes sensitive.

5. Allergies

Although consuming food and nutrient intake is strongly recommended. It does not mean you are free from skin problems, especially if you consume them in large quantities. Why?

In some cases there are certain circumstances that make the skin allergies to food. Of the many foods that trigger allergic least seafood, junk food, spicy foods most often hear. Even someone can be allergic to environmental conditions such as dust, climate or wind.

There are several symptoms that may occur because of these allergies are itching, skin redness, or red spots appear. This type of allergy is likely difficult to avoid the impact on the skin. Although there are several ways to reduce the problem of skin allergies, but nonetheless still visible changes to the skin. So as not uncommon allergic to food or drink or the circumstances become psychological burden.

6. Exposure to direct sunlight

Accidental exposure to sunlight a dilemma for health. How not, the sun basically serves to reduce blood sugar, manufacture and repair of bone, damping blood cholesterol, and increased respiratory fitness.

On the other hand, sunlight containing ultraviolet if it lasts for a long time increases the risk of skin diseases. In addition, it also results in dry skin or wrinkles, dark spots, rough spots. It could even lead to skin cancer (melanoma). Surely this is a serious problem that worried.

It's good you do not indulge in the outdoors for a long time. If it is difficult to do because of the demands of work then try to wear clothes that cover your skin from exposure to direct sunlight. This is better than your skin becomes sensitive and cause inflammation.

7. Certain diseases

Regardless of the cause sensitive skin above there are certain diseases that make the skin more sensitive. Although this is rare, but because its effects on skin health is very large then there is no harm if it is exposed.

Some disorders or skin diseases that trigger sensitive skin such as neuropathy, demyelination, defect midbrain, herpes, migraine, and fibromyalgia.

In conclusion, regardless of how many trigger skin problems does not mean you surrender on the condition. Indeed, some disruption over you can't predictions and may occur at any time. Nevertheless when you know the list of causes of sensitive skin, then I think you can reduce the risk to maintain the health of your skin.


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