Types of Position to Sleep in Humans Related to Health

It is inevitable that sleep is a necessity of every human being is very important for health. Not only that even the mental health in the form of psychological and emotional person can be influenced by it. When you sleep then almost all organs will break unless some vital organs. Even so these organs reduces the hard work during the night.

Unfortunately not all sleeping positions can produce a quality sleep. The problem arises due to the application of position when you sleep, affecting the body and health. This is not strange considering there sleeping position actually cause back or neck pain after waking from sleep. Even more horrible you can feel shortness of breath and fatigue due to sleep.

Regarding these conditions you should already know the sleeping position that can be done by humans. Learn the risks that can occur when applying these positions. That way you can be sure that the bed type of bed that you do actually nourish your body.

Types of Position to Sleep in Humans Related to Health

Types of Position to Sleep in Humans

1. Supine sleeping position

For those of you who have back problems or neck kind of sleeping on your back can be said to be the solution. How not state straight spine that make your body balanced. So do not be surprised if the beds have extremely effective in preventing back pain.

In addition supine sleeping position can reduce wrinkles on the face. This is because the pressure on the skin does not happen when you are asleep.

Nonetheless be a problem for those who have a habit of snoring and sleep apnea. State of the body and the face facing upwards makes the base of the tongue pressing towards the throat and respiratory tract. As a result of air flow space becomes narrower and more impact to produce a loud snoring sound.

2. Sleep Position tilted to the right

To overcome habitual snoring implement side sleeping position be the best way. This occurs because this type of position to prevent mouth open.

However, once the side sleeping position highly recommended is tilted to the right. The advantage you can get is being able to rest the left brain and the stomach work. Given the cardiac organ located in the upper body, the left side sleeping position to the right makes the heart organ does not get pressure. So the heart can work more freely and without interference.

Besides these types of sleeping positions can maintain the health of the lungs, especially the left, helps scrubbing gallbladder and pancreas. It could even stimulate defecation and increase the absorption of nutrients. So do not be surprised if this position becomes the ideal positions are recommended.

3. Position the bed tilted to the left

Although side sleeping position can reduce the risk of snoring at night, but definitely not a smart choice if you get used to sleeping in this position.

The problem comes because the position tilted towards the left tend to be not as good for health. When you apply the heart organ will receive pressure from other organs. As a result, the heart will receive the blood flow is excessive. This is what makes the heart beat faster when the best time is when the heart for the rest of your sleep.

Likewise with lung conditions. Basically, the human lung there are two that's right hand and the left. The lungs next to the smaller size of the lung to the right. When the sleeping position toward the left happens, the lungs are smaller will be depressed by the transplanted heart was heavier.

4. Stomach sleeping position

It could be said that the prone sleeping position are those that are bad for health. This reality includes a danger to the heart, so it was easy tingling nerve damage. It also interfere with the respiratory system so that you do not sleep soundly.

Even the prone sleeping position can cause headaches and neck pain is excessive. Sometimes the impact of sleep can trigger nausea.

In conclusion, the types of sleeping positions you already know. Now it's up to you to implement it. Even so sleep on his side to the right is the best. It can make your skin wrinkles. Even so you can anticipate that by choosing a soft pillow and putting hands under the cheek.

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