8 Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss in Women with Fast

You will have a big problem if you do a bad habit that cause hair loss quickly. How not, the hair is a crown that is characteristic of someone so worth viewed by the eye. If your hair is perishable and loss it is likely that you will have confidence issues.

It is in fact shaved to bald could be a trend that many made by public figures. However, basically they do it in order to see them look better than ever. Even so they feel more confident in the activity.

By contrast, if you have an easy hair loss. Even if you shave your hair to bald will not necessarily solve the problem. For a while it can be a smart solution, but do not rule you can't change your display again. As a result, people will think that you are going bald. Is that not this going to make you were disappointed or upset?

8 Bad Habits That Cause Hair Loss in Women with Fast

Eight bad habits that cause hair loss

1. Stress

Stress is a problem that does not want to be experienced by everyone. However, what can we do, the number of work activities or household issues may be the cause of stress. Even if you are not good at managing stress it could be your health will decrease.

The next problem will arise if your stress continues. In general, stress can affect the condition of hair because of the nutrients to the hair roots to be hampered by unstable blood circulation. In these circumstances it is possible that your hair will enter the telogen phase or detachment of the scalp hair roots faster.

You should know that the hair follicle is a crucial part that is bad if your stress level is not stable. Functioning hair follicles where hair growth is important. The hair follicle is part of a unit tasked pilosebasea grow hair with oils secreted by the sebaceous glands. The structure of the follicle itself consists of papillae, matrix, gloves or root sheath and bulge.

If the hair follicles are sensitive due to excessive stress, then the follicles shrink and have a shorter growth. Follicle shrinks only able to region contribute to the normal hair.

The stress associated with you are also affected by the problem of acne and cracked nails. Hence, do not let yourself stress to be protracted. Though hair loss due to stress can grow after 6-9 months, but hair loss can last for three months. So, do not risk letting this problem. Please do a variety of ways that can reduce stress levels.

2. Nutrition is not met

You can't let the hair grow and develop to what it is. In this case, your hair needs a variety of nutrients for growth. With so hair becomes healthier and stronger. Conversely, if your hair nutrients are not met with both the growth and health to be disturbed. A visible sign is the state of the dry and dull hair.

There are several essential nutrients needed by your hair such as protein, iron and zinc. All three of these nutrients affect the growth rate of your hair. Besides hair requires iron. Especially for women who are experiencing menopause iron requirement into prevention of hair loss. There are some foods that you can consume to meet the nutritional needs of your hair such as salmon, nuts, blueberries, avocado, yogurt, eggs, meat or dark green leafy vegetables.

3. Equipment Hairdresser

It is undeniable that women have their own way to the hair so it looks prettier and more charming. Actually, it is fine, but the problem is the technique used.

Some women choose to wear a hair stylist like a hair dryer, hair straightener tool, curling or hair clamp tool. Though these tools are likely to affect the health of your hair. How not, hair nutrients are slowly destroyed and eroded by these tools. Like a hair dryer that affects the hair becomes easier to dry, and when used excessively branched after every shampoo.

In addition there is a tool that forces hair dryer to dry hair quickly, so it is not uncommon turn off the external network (cuticle) of hair. Likewise, this applies if used for perming hair or hair clamp. If it is so, then the hair will quickly dry and dull and lead to hair loss.

Therefore, do not be too dependent on the tool hairdressers above. You had better be patient to perform other activities in advance so the hair is dried slowly. That way you keep the condition of the hair healthy and strong for a long time.

4. Hair care products made from chemicals

In order to maintain health or appearance of hair look better often people choose the way too fast. As a result, the type of treatment applied tend to be harmful to the hair itself. So do not be surprised if for various hair problems will happen after that.

You need to know that a variety of hair hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner, have chemicals in them. It is basically two things can be healthy for the hair, but sometimes there is a condition that causes the hair tissue are not suitable (sensitive) to the chemicals in it. Therefore, choose a shampoo and conditioner product that does not make your hair dull and dry.

As for keeping the interface to look more beautiful and cool paint hair is a very popular trend among adolescents. The problem is a variety of hair dye containing Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol, SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Diethanolamine, Triethanolamine and Momoethanolamine and excessive formaldehyde is often bad for the health of hair.

Even the most dangerous of some of the material can lead to premature aging of the skin and cancer cells in the body. So, be careful before buying a product for the hair to consider the chemicals in it.

5. Swimming in water containing chlorine

One of the most enjoyable hobby and make a healthy body is to swim. That is why many people who make the schedule went to the pool 2-3 times a week.

Unfortunately due to the limitations of looking for a lot of water in urban areas often make managers of swimming pools using chlorine as the material of choice. Though chlorine can go to the hair cuticle layer, which is the outermost layer of the hair shaft which makes hair shine and soft. When the cuticle is experiencing serious problems it will be an easy hair brittle and unmanageable. So do not be surprised if people who often swim in a pool containing chlorine hair color changes gradually.

The good news is you can reduce the adverse effects of chlorine by using a hair cover. Although it looks less pleasing to the eye, but in fact uses this equipment helps maintain healthy hair. Even world-class swimmers often use hair cover when swimming. So, relax when you use it in the pool.

6. Combing wet hair

One simple way is to comb hair straightening. However, there is a problem when you comb your hair when your hair is still damp conditions. In fact, according to Rob Fitch, Stylist Principle of Josh Wood Atelier, the first hair mistake is combing the hair in wet conditions. "We should apply a conditioner and use a wide-toothed comb, begin to comb the hair from root to tip."

Indeed, in reality there are many different products that you can use a comb. However, you should choose the type of wide-toothed comb. Combing with the right comb helps stimulate the scalp to help grow healthy hair. Besides Larry King also revealed combing wet hair can minimize the matted hair and stop hair breakage problems.

Another case if you have curly hair types. You should not comb your hair when you have to dry hair condition. Enough for you to comb it with your fingers.

7. Tie hair too tight

Under certain circumstances the appearance of hair tied into a unique charm and amaze many people. However, did you know that tying the hair too hard it makes your hair's health is compromised?

The desire for a more beautiful, but can't be avoided, but the hair tight binding will result interfere with nerve and nauseating. Not only is it easy wavy hair and fragile. This is what makes your hair growth is not healthy for the nutrients to the hair such as hair band held back by the hardness you use. So, you should not often bring your hair in a tightly bound state.

8. The shower and hot water wash

Shower with warm water is an option to reduce the cold when the air is very cold. The problem is when you shower with warm water then slowly your hair will be wet with water.

Instead of bathing and shampooing the hair healthy use warm water opens the pores of the skin around the hair. As a result of warm water will make the hair easily dry and brittle. This condition is almost like hair burning tissue because of the heat. If that happens, then the hair roots can be separated more easily and you will experience a loss.

In conclusion because the hair is an important part in the appearance of the body then it should you maintain healthy hair. Indeed, there are various types of hair care that you can apply. However, it would be nice if you avoid bad habits that cause hair loss and broken so that his health is maintained.


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