9 How to Reduce Excessive Appetite to Lose Weight Naturally

It would be a difficult task to lose weight if you have an excessive appetite. How not, basically the consumption of foods affect the amount of nutrients that enter the body. If your body is crowded with a variety of foods, then most likely your weight will increase.

It is undeniable that food is needed by the body to support various activities. Moreover, if your work requires excellent stamina, then the need for nutrition is very important. Nonetheless, it does not mean you make appetite increases that trigger various kinds of body problems, especially diseases.

Therefore, it is better you control your appetite based on the needs of the body. Do not let you comply with the desire that makes your weight increase slowly because the stomach of satiety is not recommended by health experts.

9 Ways to Reduce Excessive Appetite to Lose Weight Naturally

How to reduce excessive appetite to lose weight

1. Eat at the dinner table

Excessive appetite is bad news for your weight gain. Therefore, the first way you can do is to avoid eating in a state alone. Try to eat in the table with the family. This will reduce your desire to spend large amounts of food because of shame in front of the family members.

2. Use the habit of chew eating properly and correctly

Consumption of good and right food is to pay attention to how to chew it. How to chew too fast encourages you to eat blindly. And did not realize in an instant of time you can spend a large plate of food.

You should apply a good and correct way of eating chewing about 30 times new swallowed. This method can make your stomach work light when processing food. In addition, it can make you feel tired if chewing food in large portions. So your appetite decreases after a few mouthfuls of food.

3. Avoid eating while having activity

Eating is a way to prevent hunger in the stomach. Therefore, the stomach should not be empty of food because it can trigger heartburn. Even so avoid eating while having activity. Activities I mean include watching TV, activities in front of a laptop or PC, when engrossed in using a smartphone or while reading a book.

Activity will make the appetite increases with no control. If it goes on in your daily life, then it is likely your weight will increase quickly. Then, how you will be able to get the ideal weight in that way? I think it's impossible.

4. Avoid watching food advertisements

Just a suggestion try not often watch the commercials on TV or other online media. Food advertising is a taboo to reduce appetite. Just imagine how much patience you see the various foods advertised on TV.

In fact, TV ads are designed to appeal to the audience in a creative and innovative way. So it is possible that people who often watch it will begin to be interested in the food or how to offer it. Until finally you will buy to know the taste is real. Worse if you are addicted to the delicious taste of the food you will become a regular customer to buy the product.

That's why do not let you see food advertisements for a long time. Especially if your weight is above the proportional limit. Very bad consequence if you enter in advertiser device of food because you will be difficult to run from it.

5. Apply three servings of parts for the hull

In terms of the amount of good food to spend you may have to think about the stomach. Appetite is often closely related to the amount of food that can be accommodated by the stomach. If you want the hull can be loaded with all the food available in the home.

Even so do not be too good with excessive appetite. Try to fight your greedy feeling by looking at the harm that can be caused. Just suggest dividing the space inside your hull into three parts of which one third for water, one third for food and one third for air or oxygen.

6. Have a regular meal schedule

Although consumption of food is determined by hunger, but basically it can be made a meal schedule. So, start eating habits every day three times like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As for if you feel like eating not at that time you try to eat just to reduce appetite. For the sake of the success of this way eat foods that can take a long time to consume such as peanuts that have not been peeled.

7. Avoid eating appetite enhancer foods

As good as your determination to reduce excessive appetite will not work effectively unless you reduce the consumption of food enhancer feeding. Of the several foods that are referred to at least gluten-free grains (Gluten-free grains such as buckwheat, and whole grains), sweet potatoes and carrots.

In addition, vegetables are also very important because it is an important part of the bitter food group that increases appetite while building your immune system.

8. Avoid stressful conditions

Stress conditions may be difficult to avoid by busy people as office employees. How not, this type of work tends to get a lot of pressure from corporate managers because of the relatively fast time. So it is not strange that stressful conditions often approach them. Whereas stress conditions can trigger excessive appetite so that weight can increase.

To overcome these problems try to manage stress by learning the knowledge of human psychology. With so easy for you to suppress the stress becomes smaller even can be lost.

9. Learn to cook yourself

For this one way is probably the most difficult to do if you do not have the gastronomy. However, if you are able to try to learn to cook yourself. This situation will teach you are the difficulty of eating a plate of food with hard work. Therefore, you will appreciate food by not eating until full. It's a powerful way to reduce you are excessive appetite so the weight is not increased.

In conclusion, it is not all the above ways you can make a habit because of various conditions and considerations. However, if you refer to your desire to lose weight, then suppress the appetite should still you try. Therefore, please apply some of the above if you are able to do it. If you are consistent with this it is likely that you are excessive appetite can decrease significantly.


  1. Thank you for new points I hadn't considered before. This advice I'm sure will be helpful.
    It is a good mental trigger to remember the stomach needs room for food water and air!

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