Does Toothpaste to Cure Acne effectively? | The Following Explanation

Toothpaste to cure acne may be unfamiliar to you. How not, the reality is more commonly used toothpaste to brush her teeth in order to be healthy, clean and white. So do not be surprised if a lot of people more generally choose drugs or natural substances to eliminate acne. Although it sounds new, but getting rid of acne with toothpaste can be an effective alternative.

You must know that acne is a condition experienced by almost everyone. The appearance of acne normal during puberty between the ages of 10-13 years. Even the state of acne can be more severe if excessive oil production.

This excess oil production comes from the skins sebaceous glands that are linked in a small hole in your hair follicles. This incident resulted in damage when opening wider ranging. Thus, making blackheads, pimples small, red bumps, black spots, and others. So for the youth, especially women have acne can be a scary thing.

Does Toothpaste to Cure Acne effectively? | The Following Explanation

Do acne can be removed with toothpaste?

Perhaps you are already aware that there was a variety of traditional treatments to get rid of acne. Some of the ways could be effectively carried out, but will possibly give adverse effects too. This can happen if a treatment is not in accordance with the condition of the skin.

Toothpaste usually contain ingredients such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is effective as a drying agent. From this it can be used as the primary reason that toothpaste can effectively treat acne.

Nonetheless need to know also not always toothpaste able to be home remedies for acne. Even for those who have sensitive skin or allergies toothpaste can be a nightmare due to one of the ingredients in toothpaste.

It is undeniable toothpaste has antibacterial properties, bleach, and a suitable absorption agent for the treatment of acne that is ideal. In addition, the toothpaste is able to eliminate the black spot as well.

The ingredients in toothpaste can also help you reduce the inflammation and redness that appears simultaneously with acne. Cleaning properties and absorption agent in toothpaste would draw excess oils that make it easier to dry acne.

Moreover, if you use it as a mask toothpaste it will draw out impurities from your skin. Even so you must pay attention to the use of excessive toothpaste so your skin condition does not become thin and rough.

Type toothpaste suitable for curing acne?

Before entering the type of toothpaste that is suitable for acne, it helps you know the factors that affect the health of your skin. Sunlight although good for the body, but exposure to UV light every day will make a bad impact on the skin. Moreover, if your skin is also easy to get dirty because of the bad habits that you do.

So, even though the toothpaste you can use to treat your acne can't apply them every day for a long time. Therefore, before you actually wear it first please test on your hands. This is to determine whether there is the sensitive nature of your skin with toothpaste. So bad risks such as dry and redness caused by inflammation can be known from the outset.

Does Toothpaste to Cure Acne effectively? | The Following Explanation

To minimize the risk of skin incompatibility toothpaste with you should you pay attention to the type of toothpaste as below:

1. We recommend that you use toothpaste with fluoride is low because in some cases allergic to fluoride can cause irritation when there is direct contact with your skin.

2. Avoid the type of toothpaste with whitening teeth. Whitening agents in toothpaste can burn your skin. Even worse your acne will be more apparent.

3. As a safe measure of the use of toothpaste for acne choose the type of organic toothpaste. This is because it does not contain fluoride and other chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

How to use toothpaste for acne?

Does Toothpaste to Cure Acne effectively? | The Following Explanation

To apply toothpaste on acne treatment you please follow these steps:

1. First, please wash your hands thoroughly to avoid germs.

2. Take toothpaste taste with your index finger and rub on acne. Caution: Do not apply on your entire face.

3. Let stand about 1-2 hours

4. Rinse your face with cold water using the index finger and pat your skin with a clean towel

5. Use a moisturizer that does not close the pores of the skin

6. Make every day one. For extra care, you may also put the ice about five minutes before applying moisturizer.

In conclusion, some people may still be afraid to apply toothpaste for acne. However, with the obvious consideration as ingredients in toothpaste is safe or organic ingredients. Moreover, if the direct contacts with your skin condition does not create sensitive or allergic. It could be put toothpaste into an effective home remedy to treat acne.

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