7 Major Benefits of Water for Body and Skin Health

No doubt again with white water has a great benefit for the health of the body. Even the consumption of water with the recommended amount of health experts characterize the quality of the body. The good news again the water can I recover the body that likes to work.

Unfortunately many people are not paying attention to the benefits of water for the body. So it is not uncommon flavor in white water makes some people reduce water consumption. They prefer drinks like tea or fruit juice. Indeed, drinks fruit juice or tea has a taste better than water. So do not be surprised if every day they often make tea or fruit juice.

Even so do not often depend on tea or fruit juice. Especially you like coffee drinks, or soft drinks. Behind the satisfaction contained in it while drinking it still tucked some materials that interfere with health. You better consume eight glasses of water every day to support all the daily activities.

7 Major Benefits of Water for Body and Skin Health

7 Major Benefits of Water for Body and Skin Health

1. Eliminate thirst and dehydration

The greatest benefit of water is to relieve thirst. It looks simple, but excessive thirst can lead to dehydration of the body. As a result the body becomes weak and not energized. Even worse your body will faint. Therefore, the consumption of water is very important and can't be eliminated by other drinks such as tea, fruit juice or coffee.

2. Make skin smoother and brighter

Skin is a sensitive part that you have to maintain health and softness. Mistakes in care make the skin rough, and scaly. So consume water every day you help the body maintain healthy skin stability. In addition, to help shrink the pores of the skin. So do not be surprised if the premature aging of the skin can be minimized.

There are times when toxins in the body can only come out through the skin. Of course the process of removing toxins through the pores of the skin will not run smoothly without body fluids. Therefore, white water becomes an effective solution to overcome the clogged pores due to toxins. In addition, it can make the skin more healthy, smooth and radiant.

3. Help maintain weight

In fact everyone has a different appetite. Of these conditions would have a big effect because of excessive appetite can increase weight. I realize that bad news if you have excess weight because it triggers various diseases to come.

One easy way to lose weight so as not to increase faster is to consume water. How to?

Actually you should have a good habit when talking about stomach problems. You should consume water first before consuming the food. This habit will make you full quickly because it consumes less food. That way the calories that enter the body can be suppressed so that your weight does not increase quickly.

4. Maintain kidney function

Basically the kidneys process 200 liters of blood each day, filtering out the waste and transporting urine to the bladder. To perform these functions require much fluid a kidney can remove waste that are not needed by your body.

When you consume water as recommended by your doctor, the waste problem inside the bladder can be removed easily. However, if you find it lazy to consume water as recommended by a doctor then it can lead to kidney disease such as kidney stones or kidney failure.

5. Improve brain function

Don't quickly assume that your concentration is not good because the food alone. Whereas the fact that you may happen less attention to consumption of water needed by the brain. Although not an expensive item to obtain, water plays an important role to increase brain concentration. Water helps smooth the nervous system in the brain. Therefore, try to consume two liters of water every day.

6. Against some minor ailments

Not always you have to take medicine to overcome the problem of minor illness. Even you consume enough water and you will get healthy fast. Among the diseases that can be lost due to water is thrush, deep heat and sore throat.

7. Relieve headaches or migraines

Everyone would not want to have headaches or migrants. However, what happens if you have experienced headaches or migrants? What will you do?

Going to a doctor or taking medication may be an option for those with headaches or migraines. However, according to researchers from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands in 2005. A patient with migraine sickness caused by bladder problems was asked to drink more water and the result was quite good. That white water helps reduce the pain of migraines for the better.

In conclusion, regardless of the bland taste of water you consume. Not that you prefer to increase the consumption of fruit juice or other beverages. Remember, that health is expensive and water is very crucial. So do not be surprised if the benefits of water consumption for the health of the body and skin is very large and should not be for your sake.


  1. Love this article! Just want to add the importance of drinking , spring water, alkaline water etc. Water without chlorine and fluoride is important. We need 8 glasses a day of acidic water , for only 5 glasses a day of clean fresh water, alkaline water.

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