7 Habits Prevent Tingling which Torturing Effectively

Although tingling is a minor health disorder, but everyone will not want to experience it and try to prevent it. How not, the symptoms of tingling makes a person can't move as usual. Even if it may be said the circumstances require to be silent because if doing a little movement can be very painful.

Although symptoms of tingling will only be experienced briefly. However, did not rule out it indicates your health condition. Blood circulation that temporarily stalled due to depressed other limbs caused you easy tingling. That's why you must have a way to prevent tingling.

The good news is you can prevent tingling with doing good habits and right. However, symptoms of tingling usually occur from bad habits. So let's discuss the habit.

7 Habits Prevent Tingling which Torturing Effectively

Habits that can prevent tingling

1. Avoid sitting cross-legged position

You should not apply the sitting position with cross-legs. Although it feels comfortable, but if you are too long to do so the symptoms of tingling will quickly appear because basically sitting position cross-legged can inhibit blood flow so that circulation not run normally.

2. Avoid bad position of the hand supporting the head

This position usually occurs when you are relaxing watching TV with a sloping sleeping position or are chatting casually with loved ones. Sometimes the position of the palm of the hand supporting the head by lifting it as needed for a moment. However, in that period you may have symptoms of tingling in your hands. So, try to avoid the habit even though you are hard to do.

3. Avoid sitting out with crossed-legs

When you sit by stretching your legs and cross them automatically one leg becomes the other foot support. As a result the foot is at the bottom feels pressed stronger. So that blood circulation becomes disturbed and ends with tingling.

4. Avoid sleeping position on your stomach

The sleeping position on your stomach basically makes your neck vulnerable. However, there are other problems that can arise when your hands are under your body because of something (cold). This situation allows the hand is not strong to withstand the burden of your body. As a result the blood flow becomes depressed and ends with tingling.

5. Routine exercise

Basically sports can accelerate blood circulation in your body. The more you get routine exercise then the blood condition does not easily thicken. When that happens then you are less likely to develop symptoms of tingling.

6. Compress body parts that tingle with warm water

When you are experiencing symptoms of tingling try to take warm water to compress the tingling part. Warm water will stimulate blood circulation becomes more smoothly because the wall of blood flow will respond with widening.

7. Get used to the consumption of foods that contain vitamins

In relation to tingling you can reduce this possibility by consuming foods containing vitamins B1, B6, and B12. The content of these foods will help improve nerve function and facilitate the body's metabolism.

In conclusion, regardless of the tingling that may be experienced by you. However, if you are able to avoid it, then you should do. That way you can avoid the symptoms of tingling torturous.


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